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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Do not let children play with the packaging material; it should be disposed of in accordance with local separated waste collection standards (see Precautions and tips). The appliance must be installed by a qualified professional in accordance with the instructions provided. Incorrect installation may damage property or cause harm to people or animals. Built-in appliances Use an appropriate cabinet to ensure that the appliance operates properly: • the panels adjacent to the oven must be made of heat-resistant material. [. . . ] If the socket is incompatible with the plug, ask an authorised technician to replace it. Once the appliance has been installed, the power supply cable and the electrical socket must be easily accessible. The cable must be checked regularly and replaced by authorised technicians only (see Assistance). The manufacturer declines any liability should these safety measures not be observed. Standard EN 50304 Energy consumption for Natural convection – heating mode: Traditional Declared energy consumption for Forced convection Class - heating mode: Baking This appliance conforms to the following European Economic Community directives: - 2006/95/EEC dated 12/12/06 (Low Voltage) and subsequent amendments - 2004/108/EEC dated 03/05/89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and subsequent amendments - 93/68/EEC dated 22/07/93 and subsequent amendments. The oven is provided with a stop system to extract the racks and prevent them from coming out of the oven (1). As shown in the drawing, to extract them completely, simply lift the racks, holding them on the front part, and pull (2). The first time you use your appliance, heat the empty oven with its door closed at its maximum temperature for at least half an hour. Ensure that the room is well ventilated before switching the oven off and opening the oven door. The appliance may emit a slightly unpleasant odour caused by protective substances used during the manufacturing process burning away. A temperature value can be set for all cooking modes between 60°C and Max, except for: • BARBECUE (recommended: set only to MAX power level); • GRATIN (recommended: do not exceed 200°C). To set the buzzer, turn the END OF COOKING TIMER knob clockwise almost one complete revolution. Turn the knob anticlockwise to set the desired time: align the minutes shown on the END OF COOKING TIMER knob with the indicator on the control panel. When the selected time has elapsed, a buzzer sounds and the oven turns off. To use the oven manually, in other words when you do not wish to use the end of cooking timer, turn the END OF COOKING TIMER knob until it reaches the symbol. This is because excessive direct heat can burn temperature sensitive foods. In the BARBECUE and GRATIN cooking modes, particularly when using the rotisserie spit, place the dripping pan in position 1 to collect cooking residues (fat and/or grease). 11 GB MULTI-COOKING • Use positions 2 and 4, placing the food which requires more heat on 2. The top heating element is regulated by a thermostat and may not always operate constantly. For a crispy crust, do not use the dripping pan as it prevents the crust from forming by extending the total cooking time. € If the pizza has a lot of toppings, we recommend adding the mozzarella cheese on top of the pizza halfway through the cooking process. € The appliance must be used by adults only for the preparation of food, in accordance with the instructions provided in this booklet. [. . . ] € The inside of the oven should ideally be cleaned after each use, while it is still lukewarm. Use hot water and detergent, then rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. € All accessories - with the exception of the sliding racks - can be washed like everyday crockery, and are even dishwasher safe. Disposal • When disposing of packaging material: observe local legislation so that the packaging may be reused. [. . . ]


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