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[. . . ] Note that if an icon is highlighted, it will automatically be selected after approximately three seconds. To return to the Home Screen, press the remote control’s Back button. €¢ Using the WPS button on the Wireless Adapter - Briefly press the WPS button to move between the icons. [. . . ] When finished, use the back button on your mobile device (not the Esc key in the Acer MWA Remote app) to exit the application. Note that you must have Wi-Fi enabled on your mobile device in order for the Acer MWA Remote app to work. 14 Setup About Select “about” to view model information about your MWA2 Wireless Adapter. 15 Navigating the Network Setting Screen Use your control’s left, right, up, down and select keys to navigate the Network Settings screen as follows: • Use the left/right keys to choose between the AP Setting window (left) and the AP List (Client Mode) window (right). The currently-selected window will be highlighted with a yellow surround. €¢ Use the up/down keys to move between options within the selected window. Using the On-screen Keyboard Any time you click into a text entry field, the on-screen keyboard will appear, as shown below: • Use the left, right, up and down keys to move around the keyboard. €¢ Use the select key to input the highlighted character/number. 16 Choosing between Modes You can select between AP Mode or Client Mode. €¢ AP Mode makes the MWA2 Wireless Adapter an Access Point that your mobile device can connect to directly. €¢ Client Mode requires that the MWA2 Wireless Adapter connect to another Access Point (which your mobile device should also connect to in order to communicate with the MWA2 Wireless Adapter). Although the ON and OFF options are next to each other, you need to use your control’s up/down keys to select between them. See “Navigating the Network Setting Screen” on page 16 for more information. 17 AP Mode In AP Mode, you can edit the following settings: • SSID (Service Set Identification) - This is the name you will see when looking for available Access Points from another device. If ON, then a password will be required by any devices trying to connect to the MWA2 Wireless Adapter. €¢ PSK (Pre-Shared Key) - If security is switched ON, this is the password you will be asked to input on your mobile device in order to connect to the MWA2 Wireless Adapter. To change either of these settings, select their entry field and a virtual keyboard will appear on-screen. When finished typing any values, use the back button to exit that field. [. . . ] This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. Note: Country code selection is for non-US models only and is not available on all US models. Per FCC regulation, all Wi-Fi products marketed in the US must be fixed to US operation channels only. [. . . ]


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