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[. . . ] Our day no longer starts at sunrise and ends at sunset, working days are getting longer, and many people work in shifts. Many people tend to get too little sleep during the week, which diminishes their energy levels during the day. €Using Philips EnergyUp Intense Blue at the right time of day can help you establish and reinforce regular sleep patterns. ENGLISH 7 Light via eyes Research shows that a special photoreceptor in our eyes is responsible for regulating our energy, mood and sleep/wake cycles. [. . . ] -- Do not look straight into the light too long, as this may be uncomfortable to your eyes. ENGLISH 9 -- Do not use the appliance where its light may hinder you or other people during the performance of essential tasks such as driving or operating heavy equipment. -- Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. €Do not look directly at uncovered LEDs, as their light is very bright. If repair is needed, consult chapter ‘Guarantee and support’ for information. -- Never open the appliance to prevent electric shock, finger burns or temporary black spots in the eye. -- Do not use the appliance in the presence of flammable anaesthetic mixtures with air,  oxygen or nitrous oxide. Caution -- Do not use the appliance outdoors or near heated surfaces or heat sources. Do not use it in horizontal position without the stand or cover it, as this might cause the appliance to overheat. -- Do not place heavy objects on the appliance, the adapter or the cord. -- When you unplug the appliance, grasp the adapter directly to avoid damaging the cord. This could give your body a signal that is opposite to the one intended. 12 ENGLISH Recommended times to use the Philips EnergyUp Morning Lunchtime Afternoon Evening Time to use EnergyUp >> Energy need ^ Lack of daylight indoors Morning person Evening person Afternoon energy dip Winter blues +++ --+++ + +++ +++ + ++ +++ + +++ ++ + +++ + --+++ ------- -- The more pluses (+++) there are in a column, the more suitable the time. The number of time zones you cross determines how many days before departure you have to start using the Philips EnergyUp. When you arrive at your destination, avoid bright light during your normal sleep period. Expose yourself to bright light at the end of this period to advance your body clock further to the local time. Before your return flight, use the Philips EnergyUp late in the evening for a couple of days. On the last night of the trip, try to stay up and use the appliance as late as possible after midnight. You do not have to use the Philips EnergyUp for more than three days, even on longer westbound trips. When you arrive at your destination, try to stay awake until bedtime and avoid bright evening light (wear sunglasses) for the first few days. Light intensity Use the Philips EnergyUp in addition to the normal room lighting. If the highest setting is too bright for you, start using the appliance at a lower setting. [. . . ] According to this standard, the appliance represents no risk to healthy eyes and can be safely used. Yes, there are no known side effect from using Philips EnergyUp during pregnancy. Do I have to take off No, you can use the appliance with your glasses my glasses when I on. When you use the appliance, as these glasses reduce its effectiveness. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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