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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] And then press the ENTERE button, you can see the details of the programme. —â— Scroll ◄, ► to view information for a desired programme while watching the current channel. —â— Scroll ▲, ▼ to view information for other channels. –¶ English ❑❑ Memorizing channels ■■ Aerial OO MENUm → Broadcasting → Aerial → ENTERE Before your television can begin memorising the available channels, you must specify the type of signal source that is connected to the TV. [. . . ] ●● After connecting the game console , set Game Mode to On. ▶ English ●● If Game Mode is On: –– Picture Mode is set to Standard and Sound Mode is set to Movie. —â— Panel Lock: Lock or unlock all the keys on the panel. —â— Boot Logo: Display Samsung logo when the TV is turned on. – â–  Change PIN OO MENUm → System → Change PIN → ENTERE ◀ Change your password required to set up the TV. –¶ English ■■ DivX® Video On Demand OO MENUm → System → DivX® Video On Demand → ENTERE Shows the registration code authorized for the TV. If you connect to the DivX web site and register with 10-digit registration code, you can download the VOD activation file. —€ ▶ English ❑❑ Using the Source List ■■ Source List OO MENUm → Applications → Source List → ENTERE NN When you press the SOURCE button, Source screen will be displayed at once. —€ NN For the detailed information, refer to “Changing the Input Source” in User ▶ English ❑❑ Connecting a USB Device 1. Connect a USB device containing photo, music and movie files to the USB port on the side of the TV. —€ ▶ English NN It might not work properly with unlicenced multimedia files. Press ◄/► button to select desired device, then press the ENTERE button ▶ again. Press the ▲/▼/◄/► button to select the desired file in the list, then press the ENTERE button or ∂ (Play) button. Press the ▲ button to select Options at the top of each main screen and select Play Selected. NN You can select or deselect all files pressing the Select All / Deselect All. –¶ English ❑❑ Playing the Photos / Videos / Music During playing a file, press the ▲/▼/◄/► button to select the desired menu. NN When the option menu is not displayed, press the TOOLS button or ENTERE button. NN You can also use ∂/∑/∫/π/µ buttons on the remote control during NN If you press the INFO button during playback, you can view the playback information. —€ ▶ English Playback menu Button / / Operation Previous / Next Start Slide Show / Stop Slide Show Play / Pause / / Previous / Next Rewind / Fast forward Photos ● ● Mini Player* Mini Player* Videos Music ● ● ● ● ● ● ◀ * When setting the Background Music to Mini Player in Photos, these buttons appear. –¶ English Setting menu ●● Photos Button Slideshow Settings Zoom Rotate Background Music / Mini Player Settings Operation You can set the Speed and Effects during the slide show. Picture Mode / Sound Mode: You can adjust the picture or sound setting. —€ ▶ English NN During the slide show, all files in the file list will be displayed in order. [. . . ] use ▲/▼/◄/► buttons to select characters , and then select Done. –¶ English ❑❑ Using the DLNA Functions for PDP 4900 series NN This model only supports DLNA functions in AllShare™. You can play media contents including videos, photos and music saved on your mobile phones or the other devices (such as your PC) by controlling them on the TV via the network. For detailed procedures on using the Network Setup, refer to the “Network Settings” instructions. [. . . ]


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