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[. . . ] Acer Predator G Series User Guide Original Issue: 03/2012 Acer Predator G Series Desktop Computer Model number: _____________________________________ Serial number: _____________________________________ Purchase date: _____________________________________ Place of purchase: _________________________________ Visit http://registration. acer. com and discover the benefits of being an Acer customer. Productivity Software Work Great with Microsoft® Office 2010 -- Express your ideas, solve problems and simplify everyday projects with Office 2010. Photo editing -- Easily edit and print your photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery. Search & Decide with Bing -- Find and organize the answers you need using Bing™, so you can make faster, more informed decisions. iii Information for your safety and comfort Safety instructions Read these instructions carefully. [. . . ] Amplified stereo speakers, headset, or headphone — Plug amplified speakers, headset, or headphone to the headphone/line-out/front speaker jack (green jack) located on the front and rear of the computer. • USB devices Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a serial bus design capable of cascading peripherals such as a digital camera, keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, modem, flash drives, VoIP phones, and gaming devices (such as joystick, steering wheels, rumble pads, or foot pedals). Your computer comes with several external USB ports: one on the multi-media card slot, four on the front and four on the rear panel. These ports support USB 2. 0 highperformance external devices such as webcams and digital still cameras. They also allow you to connect additional USB devices to your computer without using up its resources. 20 4 Using your computer English To connect a USB device, simply plug the device cable into any of the USB ports located on the front and rear panels of your computer. Note: Some USB devices have a built-in USB port which permits you to connect more USB devices. 5 Upgrading your computer 22 5 Upgrading your computer English Installation precautions Before you install any computer component, we recommend that you read the following sections. These sections contain important ESD precautions along with preinstallation and post-installation instructions. ESD precautions Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage your processor, disk drives, expansion boards, and other components. Always observe the following precautions before you install a computer component: 1 2 Do not remove a component from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it. Wear a wrist grounding strap and attach it to a metal part of the computer before handling components. If a wrist strap is not available, maintain contact with the computer throughout any procedure requiring ESD protection. Preinstallation instructions Always observe the following before you install any component: 1 2 3 4 5 Turn off your computer and all the peripherals connected to it before opening it. Follow the ESD precautions described above before handling a computer component. Remove any expansion boards or peripherals that block access to the DIMM sockets or component connectors. See the following sections for specific instructions on the component you wish to install. Warning!Not turning off the computer properly before you start installing the components may cause serious damage. Do not attempt the procedures described in the following sections unless you are a qualified service technician. 23 Post-installation instructions Observe the following after installing a computer component: 1 2 3 4 5 6 See to it that the components are installed according to the step-by-step instructions in their respective sections. Turn on your computer. English Opening your computer Caution: Before you proceed, make sure that you have turned off your computer and all peripherals connected to it. Read the Preinstallation instructions on page 22. You need to open your computer before you can install upgrade components. The side panel is removable to allow access to the computer’s internal components. Refer to the following section for instructions. 24 5 Upgrading your computer English Removing and installing a hard disk drive The computer may include an optional easy-swap hard disk drive. One standard 3. 5-inch Serial ATA hard drive may be mounted in a carrier that connects to a SATA interface on the disk cage backplane. Note: In certain configurations the carrier already contains a hard disk drive. Easy-swap technology shortens system downtime for changing the hard disk or performing an upgrade. Warning: Do not attach or detach the hard drive while the system is on. It may cause damage to the device or lose data. Removing the hard disk drive carrier Caution: Follow these instructions only on computers that include an easyswap carrier. 1 2 Observe the ESD precautions described on page 22. Open the drive bay door. 25 3 Press the HDD carrier latch, then pull the lever and slide the carrier from the chassis. English 4 Place the HDD carrier on a clean surface. Adding a hard disk drive 1 2 Follow the instructions for removing a hard disk drive carrier (above). Insert the right side of the new drive into the carrier, aligning the pins with the hard disk mounting holes. 3 Gently open the tab at the front of the carrier; insert the pin into the front mounting hole. Bend the rear part of the carrier open; insert the pin into the rear mounting hole. 26 4 5 Upgrading your computer With the lever still extended, slide the carrier all the way into the drive bay, and close the cover. English 27 Upgrading the system memory This section explains the procedures for removing and installing a memory module. English System memory interface The four 240-pin sockets on the mainboard support Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM)-type DIMMs. [. . . ] This equipment may not provide for the effective hand-over of a call to another device connected to the same line. Please ensure that a separate telephone, not dependent on local power, is available for emergency use. 5 6 7 8 9 38 7 Regulations and safety notices English Laser compliance statement The CD or DVD drive used with this computer is a laser product. The CD or DVD drive's classification label (shown below) is located on the drive. AVOID EXPOSURE TO BEAM. Digital audio output statement The optical connector contains no laser or light emitting diode (LED) more than Class I. Radio device regulatory notice Note: Below regulatory information is for models with wireless LAN and/or Bluetooth only. List of applicable countries This device must be used in strict accordance with the regulations and constraints in the country of use. [. . . ]


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