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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] € This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. € To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another high wattage appliance on the same circuit. € If an extension lead is absolutely necessary, a 10 amp cable should be used. € Use a mains supply which has an earth connection, for your own safety. [. . . ] Rest it on its heel on the table EXTRA SAFETY To avoid any risk of accidental burns you can leave the iron rest in the down position. Air must be able to circulate freely underneath the appliance to ensure correct ventilation. € If you use a wooden ironing board or table to iron on, remember to protect it from damp by covering it with an oilcloth for example. A EXTRA SOLEPLATE Used regularly by ironing professionals, the optional Teflon-coated removable soleplate can be fitted to the ACER professional iron. It distributes the steam evenly over the whole soleplate, enabling you to iron without putting “shine” on the fabric even whilst using the highest temperature setting. Attaching the non-stick soleplate (CX30s Pro ecofibres®) • Place the strap under the non-stick soleplate, then lay the iron on the non-stick soleplate • Pull the strap from underneath and wrap it over the metal rest at the back of the iron. CX30s XP ecofibres®) 6 TYPES OF WATER You can use : tap water, distilled water for irons. Do not use : Rain water, water from the fridge, water from condenser tumble drier, water from any evaporator appliance, water supplied by your water softener if it indicates that the regenerating salts need replacing (incompatibility with the EMC system). Choosing your water You can use either tap water or distilled water for irons. Depending upon the limescale level of your tap water and upon your weekly ironing load (average time : 2/3 hours), it can be more economical to use distilled water for irons (not for car batteries). In this case, your cartridge should last up to 1 year (depending on the amount of your ironing and on the quantity of steam you ask for). Please note : Whilst you are ironing, the generator and iron heating pilot lights repeatedly go on and off. , 19 20 21 22 500478517_Brochure_CX30 2/09/08 13:36 Page 28 NOISE To ensure constant steam output performance, your unit is equipped with a pump which is activated each time the steam trigger is pressed. : - the appliance is used for the first time - the water tank is empty - the anti-scale cartridge has just been changed. VERTICAL IRONING • Your iron can also be used vertically to steam clothing on hangers or curtains in situ etc. STEAM SPRAY With professional iron : The iron has a steam spray facility which permits the use of a higher level of dampness to deal with creases but without leaving any water marks which would take longer to dry off. Using the spray The spray cannot be used when - the ECO mode is in use - when the appliance is heating up from cold and the generator pilot light is still on. Press the steam trigger in the normal way and at the same time push the spray button for as long as required. 500478517_Brochure_CX30 2/09/08 13:36 Page 29 AUTO-STOP Electronic safety system • If you forget about the iron or if you don’t press the steam button, after a certain period the safety system automatically cuts the power supply to the appliance 25. When the AUTO-STOP system has been activated, the pilot light comes on to confirm that the appliance is off. € When you press the trigger again, the pilot light goes off and the appliance resumes heating. STORAGE • After ironing, press the On/Off button to switch the appliance off. [. . . ] Anti-scale cartridge change indicator light A) When the anti-scale cartridge begins losing its effectiveness, the EMC system is activated. The indicator light begins flashing to show that the cartridge must be changed soon. B) If the water-softening cartridge is not changed, the EMC system itself stops the production of steam after a certain amount of ironing time. To produce steam again, either the anti-scale cartridge must be changed or distilled water must be used. [. . . ]


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