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[. . . ] - Wenn der Tank beim Nachfüllen von Wasser nicht aus dem Apparat genommen wird, - Any appliance that is no longer usable must be neutralised before being thrown muß der Stecker herausgezogen werden. - Den Reiniger nicht auf Treppenstufen oder dort hinstellen, wo er nicht stabil steht oder away : cut off the power lead. For any repair, take your machine to a registered after-sales service centre, so that the - Den Reiniger vor Witterungseinflüssen geschützt aufbewahren. Repair will be in accordance with the standards indicated in this instruction book. [. . . ] € Domena cannot be held responsible for any damage to material, animals, or persons due to improper use of steam. The manufacturer reserves the right to makes changes and alterations to the product without prior notice. The appliance which you have just purchased complies with the terms of European Directive 73/23 EEC relating to safety and low voltage, and with Directive CEM 89/336/EEC regarding electromagnetic compatibily as amended by 93/68/EEC - 14 - WICHTIGE TEILE Beschreibung des Gerätes 1. Connection point for a) flexible hose for accessories b) for optional iron 7. Attach main hose to connection point : a click indicates that it is locked in position. The accessories may be attached to the pistol handle or to an extension tube. NB : when using the rectangular or triangular brush, remember to first insert the curved connector. Take the brush with the bristles facing downwards in one hand and insert the connector (pointing downwards) into the brush with the other hand. To release the connector reverse this procedure On model NVT 50 - NVT60, the steam hose which is connected to the base of your appliance is fixed and cannot be removed. Attaching cloth to the rectangular brush Press down on end of clamp ; secure cloth under clamp ; release clamp. TYPES OF WATER You can use : tap water, distilled water for irons, and water produced by a condenser tumble drier provided that it is filtered (e. Ironing An optional iron is available which can be attached to the steam cleaning appliance Steam power can be adapted to different linen requirements by turning the steam regulator. Des PLEASE NOTE Before each use, ask for steam for a few seconds at the maximum steam setting to remove any water condensation which may be located in the main hose. APPLICATIONS Concentrated Steam Jet Nozzle This accessory is used for : – cleaning and dusting areas which are hard to reach, – removing stubborn spots thanks to the concentrated jet of steam, – and defrosting refridgerating appliances. APPLICATIONS Large Rectangular Brush • For smooth surfaces the cloth should be fixed to the 4 corners. To clean very dirty floors apply the brush directly to the floor without exerting pressure on the bristles : then wipe with the cloth. For varnished parquet flooring, marble floors and delicate floor surfaces, place the cloth under the brush. € Carpets and Fitted Carpets The cloth should be fixed at the 4 corners for normal care. For dirty or very dirty surfaces the cloth should be fixed at the 2 upper corners. Clean by drawing the brush towards you (the steam loosens the dirt, and the bristles of the brush bring it to the surface). NB : before or after steam cleaning, a vacuum cleaner may be used to collect heavier dust. Window wiper Spray steam over a wide area of glass with the concentrated steam jet nozzle, and then clean by moving the window wiper from top to bottom. [. . . ] In cold weather preheat your window by steaming approximately 10cm away from the glass. Long steam lance This accessory allows you to reach the most inaccessible places. Caution : do not touch the metallic part of the attachment whilst using it. Wallpaper stripper tool Specially designed for easy removal of wallpaper without significant wetting. [. . . ]


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