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[. . . ] Acer Liquid MT (S120) User Guide © 2010 All Rights Reserved Acer Liquid MT (S120) User Guide First issue: 10/2010 Acer Liquid MT (S120) Smartphone Model number: __________________________________ Serial number: ___________________________________ Date of purchase: ________________________________ Place of purchase: ________________________________ End User License Agreement IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ("AGREEMENT") IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU (EITHER AN INDIVIDUAL OR A SINGLE ENTITY), AND ACER INC. INCLUDING ITS SUBSIDIARIES ("ACER") FOR THE SOFTWARE (WHETHER PROVIDED BY ACER OR BY ACER'S LICENSORS OR SUPPLIERS) THAT ACCOMPANIES THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING ANY ASSOCIATED MEDIA, PRINTED MATERIALS AND RELATED USER ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTATION WHICH MAY BE BRANDED "ACER" ("SOFTWARE"). AGREEMENTS RELATING TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR TOPIC ARE NEITHER INTENDED NOR SHOULD THEY BE IMPLIED. BY INSTALLING THE ACCOMPANYING SOFTWARE OR ANY PORTION THEREOF, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. [. . . ] Tap the application you wish to uninstall, tap Uninstall and confirm the uninstall. 36 Acer SocialJogger Acer SocialJogger combines your social network updates in one location, allowing you to quickly follow what your friends are doing across several platforms. From the application menu, tap Acer SocialJogger to launch the program. Slide the disc, located on the right, up and down to cycle through the notification updates. Tap on a notification to view more details and make a comment. Tap the left and right arrows, located on the top, to cycle between the categories: My Page, Photos, Link and any added pages. Tap the Menu button to access account settings, refresh the page, auto play, and add or remove custom pages. Location Plus: If you upload a picture with the SocialJogger uploader through the gallery or from the camera review screen, the uploaded picture will display its geotag. Acer SocialJogger 37 Note: For geotag to display, pictures must be taken with Store Location activated in the camera settings. urFooz urFooz is a portable avatar that lets you share information across your favorite social networks, blogs and more. Easily organize your Web favorites, such as photos, videos, bookmarks and more, with a urFooz ID. Additional tools on the urFooz Internet site let you edit and manage your Fooz avatar(s), create new avatars and share them on Facebook, MySpace, blogs and more. Go to http://www. urfooz. com. Note: urFooz, Fooz Avatars, Fooz Creator, Fooz Card, and Fooz World are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fuhu, Inc. and/or other countries. 38 Chapter 7: Using the Camera Your smartphone features a 5-megapixel digital camera and flash mounted on the rear. This section will take you through all the steps in taking photos and videos with your smartphone. Note: You need to have a microSD Card inserted into the microSD slot before using the camera. To activate the camera, press and hold the camera button, or open the application menu and tap Camera. Camera icons and indicators In the camera window, the five icons on the left allow you to set the focus, adjust the flash settings, switch between camera and camcorder, and view the gallery of pictures or videos. : Icon Description Adjusts the focus between normal, facial recognition Adjusts the flash between on Takes you to the gallery. , auto , and macro . , red eye reduction , and off. The number in the top right corner shows how many more photos can be stored, or the maximum duration for a video. Camera icons and indicators 39 To adjust the settings, tap Menu. Access camera settings menu. Camera settings menu This menu has the following options: • • • • • • • • • • • Capture mode Anti-Shake Effect ISO Auto Exposure Time stamp Store Location Review Duration JPEG Quality Anti Banding Reset to Default Description Standard point and shoot mode. Detects when a face is centered and automatically takes a picture. Capture mode Normal Smile Face auto-shot Taking a photo 1. Push the button down the rest of the way to take the photo. 40 Shooting a video Turn on camcorder mode by tapping the camcorder icon. Frame your subject and steady your smartphone and zoom in or out as needed. Press the camera button down fully to stop recording. Note: Zoom is only available in certain resolutions. Supported formats Type Image Video Formats JPEG MPEG-4, H. 263 Viewing photos and videos After you have taken your photo or video, it is automatically saved. Once you have taken a photo or video, you can view it in the Gallery by tapping the thumbnail icon in the left side of the screen. From the Gallery you can share the file directly using various services. Note: Share options vary depending on the file type. Shooting a video 41 Chapter 8: Advanced Settings Putting your smartphone in Airplane mode You can enter Airplane mode (also known as flight mode) to turn off telephone and Bluetooth functions and use your smartphone as a handheld device during a flight. Switch your smartphone off during takeoff and landing as it may interfere with aircraft electronic systems. Turning Airplane mode on or off Note: When Airplane mode is active, the area. Tap the switch next to Airplane Mode to switch it ON or OFF. Activating or deactivating connections Open the Application menu and tap Settings > Wireless & networks to manage your connection settings. [. . . ] Before radio devices can be put in circulation, their agreement with European laws or limits must be confirmed; only then may the CE symbol be applied. The unit of measurement for the European Council's recommended limit for mobile telephones is the "Specific Absorption Rate" (SAR). It meets the requirements of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and was included in the European Standard EN 50360 for mobile radio devices. The SAR regulation for mobile telephones is in line with European Standard EN 62209-1. [. . . ]


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