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[. . . ] Terms/Usage In this guide, the term “Switch” (first letter capitalized) refers to the EasySmart Switch, and “switch” (first letter lower case) refers to other Ethernet switches. Some technologies refer to terms “switch”, “bridge” and “switching hubs” interchangeably, and both are commonly accepted for Ethernet switches. A NOTE indicates important information that helps a better use of the device. Copyright and Trademarks Information in this document is subjected to change without notice. [. . . ] NOTE: If the devices are marked red in the device list, it means that the devices require upgrading firmware again. 15 D-Link EasySmart Switch User Manual 5 Configuration The features and functions of the D-Link EasySmart Switch can be configured for optimum use through the Web-based Management Utility. Web-based Management After a successful login you will see the screen below: Tool bar Function Tree Main Configuration Screen Figure 26 – Web-based Management Above is the Web-based Management screen. The three main areas are the Tool Bar on top, the Function Tree, and the Main Configuration Screen. The Tool Bar provides a quick and convenient way for essential utility functions like firmware and configuration management. By choosing different functions in the Function Tree, you can change all the settings in the Main Configuration Screen. The main configuration screen will show the current status of your Switch by clicking the model name on top of the function tree. At the upper right corner of the screen the username and current IP address will be displayed. NOTE: If you close the web browser without clicking the Logout button, it will be seen as an abnormal exit and the login session will still be occupied. Finally, by clicking on the D-Link logo at the upper-left corner of the screen you will be redirected to the local D-Link website. 16 D-Link EasySmart Switch User Manual Tool Bar > Save Menu The Save Menu provides Save Configuration. Figure 36 – System > System Setting 20 D-Link EasySmart Switch User Manual System > Port Settings In the Port Setting page, the status of all ports can be monitored and adjusted for optimum configuration. By selecting a range of ports (From Port and To Port), the Speed can be set for all selected ports, effective by clicking Apply. Figure 37 – System > Port Setting Speed: Copper connections can operate in Forced Mode settings (1000M Full, 100M Full, 100M Half, 10M Full, 10M Half), Auto, or Disabled. NOTE: Be sure to adjust port speed settings appropriately after changing connected cable media types. Flow Control: You can enable this function to mitigate the traffic congestion. System > Trap Settings For SmartConsole By configuring the Trap Setting, it allows SmartConsole Utility to monitor specified events on this EasySmart Switch. When the Trap Setting is enabled, enter the Destination IP address of the managing station that will receive trap information. Figure 38 – System > Trap Setting 21 D-Link EasySmart Switch User Manual Select the event message(s) to be sent out to the managing station. System Event: The system level messages contain: Device Bootup - System boot-up information Illegal Login - Events of incorrect password logins and records the IP of the source PC Twisted pair Port Link Up/Link Down: Copper port connection information Firmware Upgrade State: Information of firmware upgrade - success or failure System > Password Access Control Setting a password is a critical tool for managers to secure the EasySmart Switch. After entering the old password and the new password two times, click Apply for the changes to take effect. Figure 39 – System > Password Access Control L2 Features > Port Trunking The Trunking function allows the switch to combine two or four ports together to increase bandwidth. [. . . ] Upgrading key components, such as backbone connections and servers to Gigabit Ethernet technology can greatly improve network response times as well as significantly speed up the traffic between subnets. gigabit Ethernet enables fast optical fiber connections to support video conferencing , complex imaging , and similar data-intensive applications. Likewise, since data transfers occur 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet, servers outfitted with Gigabit Ethernet NIC’s are able to perform 10 times the number of operations in the same amount of time. In addition, the phenomenal bandwidth delivered by Gigabit Ethernet is the most cost-effective method to take advantage of today and tomorrow’s rapidly improving switching and routing internetworking technologies. [. . . ]


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