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[. . . ] Acer LCD Monitor User Guide Original Issue: 03/2013 English Changes may be made periodically to the information in this publication without obligation to notify any person of such revisions or changes. Such changes will be incorporated in new editions of this manual or supplementary documents and publications. This company makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Record the model number, serial number, purchase date and place of purchase information in the space provided below. [. . . ] Users are also at risk of physical injury after long hours of working in front of a computer. Long work periods, bad posture, poor work habits, stress, inadequate working conditions, personal health and other factors greatly increase the risk of physical injury. Incorrect computer usage may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis or other musculoskeletal disorders. The following symptoms may appear in the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck or back: • • • • • numbness, or a burning or tingling sensation aching, soreness or tenderness pain, swelling or throbbing stiffness or tightness coldness or weakness If you have these symptoms, or any other recurring or persistent discomfort and/or pain related to computer use, consult a physician immediately and inform your company’s health and safety department. The following section provides tips for more comfortable computer use. Finding your comfort zone Find your comfort zone by adjusting the viewing angle of the monitor, using a footrest, or raising your sitting height to achieve maximum comfort. Observe the following tips: • • • refrain from staying too long in one fixed posture avoid slouching forward and/or leaning backward stand up and walk around regularly to remove the strain on your leg muscles Taking care of your vision Long viewing hours, wearing incorrect glasses or contact lenses, glare, excessive room lighting, poorly focused screens, very small typefaces and low-contrast displays could stress your eyes. The following sections provide suggestions on how to reduce eyestrain. Give your eyes regular breaks by looking away from the monitor and focusing on a distant point. Blink frequently to keep your eyes from drying out. English Display • • • • Keep your display clean. Keep your head at a higher level than the top edge of the display so your eyes point downward when looking at the middle of the display. Adjust the display brightness and/or contrast to a comfortable level for enhanced text readability and graphics clarity. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. The following local Manufacturer /Importer is responsible for this declaration: Product: LCD Monitor Model Number: S276HL S276HL xxxxxx (“x” = 0~9, a ~ z, A ~ Z or Blank) Acer America Corporation 333 West San Carlos Street Suite 1500 San Jose, CA 95110, U. S. A. Acer Representative 254-298-4000 254-298-4147 SKU Number: Name of Responsible Party: Address of Responsible Party: Contact Person: Phone No. : Fax No. : x Information for your safety and comfort Safety instructions Special notes on LCD monitors Cleaning your monitor Accessibility Safe listening Warnings Using electrical power Product servicing Potentially explosive environments Additional safety information IT Equipment Recycling Information Disposal instructions LCD pixel statement Tips and information for comfortable use Finding your comfort zone Taking care of your vision Developing good work habits Declaration of Conformity Federal Communications Commission Declaration of Conformity iii iii iii iii iv iv iv iv v vi vi vi vi vii vii vii viii viii ix x Contents Unpacking Adjusting the base Screen position adjustment Connecting the adapter and AC Power cord Power saving Display Data Channel (DDC) Connector pin assignment 15-pin color display signal cable 24-pin color display signal cable 19-pin color display signal cable 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 Standard timing table Installation MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) Users controls Panel controls Acer eColor Management Operation instructions Features and benefits Using the OSD Menus Picture Menu OSD Menu Setting Menu 6 7 8 9 9 10 10 10 11 11 12 13 English Information Menu 14 Troubleshooting English VGA Mode DVI/HDMI Mode (Optional) 15 15 16 Unpacking English 1 Please check that the following items are present when you unpack the box, and save the packing materials in case you need to ship or transport the monitor in the future. LCD monitor User guide Quick start guide VGA cable AC Adapter AC Power cord HDMI cable (Optional) DVI cable (Optional) Audio cable (Optional) MHL Cable (Optional) Adjusting the base English Note: The monitor base is attached onto the monitor before shipment and it is undetachable. Carefully remove the monitor from its packaging. 1 Pull the monitor base out fully so that the monitor can be placed on a stable surface in the upright position. 45 2 Secure the monitor base by turning the white screws (at the bottom of the base) using the integrated tab or a suitable coin. Note: Take care when performing the installation to avoid injuring yourself. 2 Screen position adjustment To optimize the viewing position, you can adjust the monitor tilt, using both of your hands to hold the edges of the monitor. The monitor can be adjusted to 15 degrees up or 3 degrees down. 3 15 Connecting the adapter and AC Power cord • Check first to make sure that the power cord you use is the correct type required for your area. • The monitor has a universal power supply that allows operation in either 100/120 V AC or 220/240 V AC voltage area. • Plug one end of the AC power cord to the Adapter, and plug the other end into an AC outlet. • For units using 120 V AC: Use a UL-listed cord set, type SVT wire and plug rated 10 A/125 V. • For units using 220/240 V AC: Use a cord set consisting of H05VV-F cord and plug rated 10 A/250 V. The cord set should have the appropriate safety approvals for the country in which the equipment will be installed. Power saving The monitor will be switched to “power saving” mode by the control signal from the display controller, as indicated by the blinking blue light. [. . . ] Presents great visuals, even in unsuitably-lit environments. Movie mode 10 Using the OSD Menus Note: The following content is for general reference only. Actual product specifications may vary. Your LCD monitor is equipped with an on-screen display (OSD) menu for making various adjustments and settings. You can use the OSD menu to adjust the picture quality, OSD timeout, and general settings. Picture Menu The Picture menu is used for adjusting the picture quality. Picture Acer eColor Management Brightness Contrast H. Position V. Position Focus Clock Colour Temp Auto Config Enter 77 56 50 50 30 50 Warm 1 Press the Menu button to bring up the OSD menu. 2 Press the < / > button to select Picture and press the Menu button to enter the Picture menu. [. . . ]


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