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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Elegant design with digital touch sensors Your dishwasher features digital touch sensors in the control panel for simpler operation with a touch of elegance. Increased convenience The smart auto cycle determines the level of soil on the dishes and initiates the optimal cycle for cleaning. Extremely quiet operation Efficient noise control technology gives you the quietest possible operation. Self-cleaning filter Cleaning the filter yourself is a thing of the past! [. . . ] Your dishwasher must be properly installed in accordance with the Installation Guide before you use it. If you did not receive an Installation Guide with your dishwasher, you can obtain one by visiting our website at www. - Place dishes into the upper and lower racks, unless you have selected half load. - Remove any food remains from the dishes before placing them in the rack(s). - After placing the dishes into the racks, rotate the nozzles by hand to check whether any of the dishes will interfere with them. - Check the dishes location not to block the detergent dispenser opening. - When you press the Power button, the entire display turns on and off, and then the cycle light of the most recently finished cycle lights up. - If “Low rinse” is illuminated, you should refill the rinse aid dispenser to improve washing and drying performance. Select an appropriate cleaning cycle depending on the soil level of the dishes. - When you press a cycle button, the cycle indicator light is illuminated. If you press the cycle button again, the light turns off and the cycle is canceled. Indd Sec4:13 2012-09-21 2:08:41 using your dishwasher ADJUSTING THE ANGLE OF THE PLATE SUPPORTS You can adjust the angle of the tines in the upper rack to three different positions to match the size and shape of your dishes. To adjust the tines, grasp the handle at the back of the rack and push it left or right. In the lower rack, you can easily remove the plate support to make room for large items such as pots and pans. To refit the plate support, align it so it is in place, and then push down on the handles (A). To fold down the fold-down tines on the lower rack, remove the rack from the dishwasher, turn the rack over, grasp the tine (B), and then push it backward. Indd Sec4:14 2012-09-21 2:08:41 ADJUSTING THE HEIGHT OF THE UPPER RACK You can adjust the height of the upper rack in your Samsung dishwasher so that the lower rack can accommodate larger sized dishes. Depending on where you set the upper rack height, the lower rack can accommodate plates up to 14 in. (36cm) in diameter and the upper rack can accommodated plates up to 12 in. (5 cm), press the ‘A’ levers located at the left and right sides of the upper rack and push the upper rack downwards slightly at the same time. To raise the upper rack, just pull the upper rack upwards without operating any levers. The levers will latch and the upper rack will move to the high position. [. . . ] If the problem continues, contact an authorized Samsung service center. If the problem continues, go to your house circuit breaker panel, set the dishwasher’s circuit breaker switch to off, and then contact an authorized Samsung service center. SOLUTION High temperature Water supply error Drain error Over-level water error Leakage Button error Communication Error For any codes not listed above, call 1-800-ACER (726-7864) 26_ troubleshooting DMT800_DD68-00050A-05_EN_20120921. indd Sec7:26 2012-09-21 2:09:31 appendix HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT • Your dishwasher is manufactured from recyclable materials. [. . . ]


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