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[. . . ] Pure Cycle™ (Tub Cleaning cycle) Clean your drum with one button!Pure Cycle is specially designed to remove detergent residue and dirt buildup in the tub, diaphragm, and on the door glass without the need for special chemical detergents. With inside holes 36 % smaller than those of conventional drums, the diamond drum prevents fabrics from sticking out through the holes and consequently being damaged. Digital display & Center jog dial The jog dial enables you to select cycles in both directions with ease, and the display is easy to use and understand. [. . . ] Indd Sec5:20 2012-08-31 12:36:21 washing a load of laundry OVERVIEW OF THE CONTROL PANEL 03 Washing a load of laundry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Select the appropriate cycle for the type of load. Eco Wash - Provides useful, gentle, and energy saving daily care for normally and lightly soiled laundry using only cold water. When you are washing bulky items, use liquid detergent Sanitize - For heavily soiled, colorfast garments. This cycle heats the water to 150 °F to eliminate bacteria. If you select pause during the heating portion of the Sanitize Cycle, your Washer door will remain locked for your safety. The Stain Away cycle provides outstanding stain removal performance, with the utmost gentle care, avoiding the need for pre-treatment of stains. For best stain removal performance, we recommend using the hot temperature option in this cycle, in which the wash temperature is increased using the internal heater, for overall cleaning of a wide variety of stains. Deep Steam - For heavily soiled, colorfast garments, this cycle provides a high washing temperature and steam and is effective for cleaning stains. perm Press - For wash-and-wear , synthetic fabrics , and lightly to normally soiled garments. Active Wear (WF395BTPA**) - Use this cycle to wash exercise wear such as sports jerseys, training pants, shirts/tops and other performance clothing. This cycle provides effective soil removal with gentle action for special fabric care. Press once to turn your washer on, press again to turn your washer off. If the washer is left on for more than 10 minutes without any buttons being touched, the power automatically turns off. 03 Washing a load of laundry 7 8 Signal selection button Start/Pause selection button Power button 9 Child Lock Child Lock prevents children from playing with your washer. Once you have activated the Child Lock function, the control panel cannot be activated, preventing children from playing with the washer. Activating the Child Lock function Press and hold both the Soil Level and Signal buttons simultaneously for approximately 3 seconds. €¢ When you activate the Child Lock function, the door locks and the “Child Lock ” lamp illuminates. €¢ If you press the Start/Pause button after you have activated the Child Lock function , none of the buttons will work except for the Power button. €¢ If you press a button when the buttons are locked, the “Child Lock ” lamp blinks. Pausing the Child Lock function When the door is locked or the buttons are locked by the Child Lock function, you can pause the Child Lock operation for 1 minute by pressing and holding both the Soil Level and Signal buttons simultaneously for approximately 3 seconds. €¢ If you pause the Child Lock mode temporarily, the door lock is released for 1 minute for user convenience. During this period, the “Child Lock ” lamp blinks. [. . . ] All replaced parts and products become the property of ACER and must be returned to ACER. Replacement parts and products assume the remaining original warranty, or ninety (90) days, whichever is longer. This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship encountered in normal, noncommercial use of this product and shall not apply to the following: damage that occurs in shipment; delivery and installation; applications and uses for which this product was not intended; altered product or serial numbers; cosmetic damage or exterior finish; accidents, abuse, neglect, fire, water, lightning, or other acts of nature or God; use of products, equipment, systems, utilities, services, parts, supplies, accessories, applications, installations, repairs, external wiring or connectors not supplied or authorized by ACER that damage this product or result in service problems; incorrect electrical line voltage, fluctuations and surges; customer adjustments and failure to follow operating instructions, maintenance and environmental instructions that are covered and prescribed in the instruction book; product removal and reinstallation; problems caused by pest infestations. This limited warranty does not cover problems resulting from incorrect electric current, voltage or supply, light bulbs, house fuses, house wiring, cost of a service call for instructions, or fixing installation errors. [. . . ]


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