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[. . . ] If segmented correctly, most network traffic will remain within a single segment, enjoying the full-line speed bandwidth of that segment. Switches provide full-line speed and dedicated bandwidth for all connections. This is in contrast to hubs, which use the traditional shared networking topology, where the connected nodes contend for the same network bandwidth. When two switching nodes are communicating, they are connected with a dedicated channel between them, so there is no contention for network bandwidth with other nodes. [. . . ] Today switches are an ideal solution to most kinds of local area network congestion problems. The implementation of QoS (Quality of Service) and benefits of using 802. 3 Features The X1163N/108 is a high performance switch designed specifically for environments where traffic on the network and the number of users increase continuously. X1163N/108 implements D-Link’s Green Technology special powersaving features under speed at 100Mbps that link status and adjust power usage accordingly. 3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard for reducing energy consumption of network links during periods of low utilization by transitioning interfaces into low-power state without interrupting the network connection. X1163N/108 has special front access design for Ethernet ports/LEDs to help user easier to understand and control network status. Metal case design is useful for strengthening cooling and suitable for departmental environment, providing users the best performance. X1163N/108 was specially designed for small to mid-size workgroups and can be installed where space is limited. The X1163N/108 is ideal for deployment with multiple high-speed servers for 10Mbps or 100Mbps shared-bandwidth workgroups. With the highest bandwidth at 200Mbps (100Mbps full-duplex mode), any port can provide workstations with a congestion-free data pipe for simultaneous access to the server. The X1163N/108 is scalable, allowing two or more X1163N/108 to be cascaded together. The Kensington Security Slot adds value to X1163N/108 by offering customers a simple, built-in security solution. Grounding the Switch This section describes how to connect the switch to ground. Required Tools and Equipment ‧Ground screws (included in the accessory kit): One M4 x 6 mm (metric) pan-head screw ‧Ground cable (not included in the accessory kit): The grounding cable should be sized according to local and national installation requirements. Depending on the power supply and system, a 12 to 6 AWG copper conductor is required for U. The length of the cable depends on the proximity of the switch to 8   proper grounding facilities. €§A screwdriver (not included in the accessory kit) The following steps let you connect the switch to a protective ground: Step 1: Verify if the system power is off. Step 2: Use the ground cable to place the #8 terminal lug ring on top of the ground-screw opening, as seen in the figure below. Step 4: Using a screwdriver, tighten the ground screw to secure the ground cable to the switch. Step 5: Attach the terminal lug ring at the other end of the grounding cable to an appropriate grounding stud or bolt on rack where the switch is installed. Step 6: Verify if the connections at the ground connector on the switch and the rack are securely attached. 9 CONNECTING THE SWITCH PC to X1163N/108 A computer can be connected to the X1163N/108 via a two-pair Category 3, 4, 5 UTP/STP Straight-Through or Crossover cable. [. . . ] The connection is accomplished from any port of the hub to any port of the X1163N/108. X1163N/108 to other devices The X1163N/108 can be connected to another switch or other devices (routers, bridges, etc. ) via a two-pair Category 3 , 4 , 5 UTP/STP StraightThrough or Crossover cable. The connection can be accomplished from any (MDIX) port on the X1163N/108 to any of the 10Mbps or 100Mbps (MDI-X) ports on another switch or other devices. [. . . ]


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