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[. . . ] - Do not operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being administered. - Do not put anything on the foot controller because the machine may accidentally start and the motor or the foot controller may overheat. - To disconnect turn all controls to the off position, then remove plug from outlet. - Switch the machine off when making any adjustments in the needle area, such as threading needle, changing needle or changing presser foot and the like. [. . . ] 2 2 ○ Thread between two discs 3 3 ○ Upper looper thread Lower looper thread 2 2 ○ Lower looper 10 ○ 11 ○ Upper looper 8 7 9 ○ 3 3 ○ 4 8 11 ○ 4 ○ 8 ○ 6 ○ 7 ○ 6 6 ○ 9 8 ○○ 7 ○ 7 6 5 5 ○ 5 5 ○ 10 ○ ( 10 ) NEEDLE THREADING 5. Important: The thread must lie correctly between the two discs inside the tension dials. Pull out the thread end about 10 cm (4") long from the needle eyes. Raise the presser foot and place threads under it, then lower the presser foot. 1 ○ 1 2 2 ○ Left needle thread Right needle thread 2 2 ○ 5 6 7 8 6 ○ 7 ○ 8 ○ 9 ○ 3 4 5 ○ 3 ○ 4 ○ Thread between two discs 3 3 ○ 7 8 ○ 6 ○ 5 6 7 ○ 4 5 ○ 4 ○ 9 ○ 8 ( 11 ) TRIAL SEWING When the overlock has been threaded for the first time or re-threaded because of thread breakage during sewing, start sewing in the following manner. Holding the end of threads between your left finger tips, turn the handwheel slowly toward you two or three times and check the thread chain. Place fabric for trial sewing under the presser foot and start sewing slowly. Cloth When work is finished, continue sewing to form about 5 cm (2") long thread chain from the end of fabric. ( 12 ) ADJUSTING THREAD TENSIONS Thread tensions will vary according to the type and thickness of both thread and fabric. Adjust the thread tension of the machine accordingly while checking the seam. thread tension: Turn dial toward smaller numbers , tension becomes loose. b: Right needle thread tension dial C: Upper looper thread tension dial A: Left needle thread tension dial D: Lower looper thread tension dial Correct thread tension Right needle thread 6 mm (0. 24”) Back side Left needle thread Lower looper thread Upper looper thread ( 13 ) It is necessary to adjust the thread tension for the seams shown below. [ ADJUSTING THE NEEDLE THREAD TENSIONS ] The left needle thread tension is too loose. Back side Back side Front side Tighten the left needle thread tension. [ ADJUSTING THE LOOPER THREAD TENSIONS ] The lower looper thread is tight and/or the upper looper thread is loose. The upper looper thread is tight and/or the lower looper thread is loose. Back side Back side Front side Loosen the lower looper thread tension and/or tighten the upper looper thread tension. Front side Loosen the upper looper thread tension and/or tighten the lower looper thread tension. ( 14 ) STITCH SELECTION AEG 760 Threading path for 4-Thread Seam Type of stitch Needle position left and right 6 mm right needle 3 left needle 4 right hook 1 left hook 2 Tension Dial: The following values are average values for medium-heavy material and normal polyester yarn red 2. 0 4-Thread Stretch Safety Seam 2-Needle 4-Thread stitch is ideal for medium to heavy stretch fabrics such as knitwear and swimwear Needle position left or right 3-Thread Overlock Seam wide and narrow 1-needle, 3-thread stitch is used for finishing of normal fabric. Depending on the selected needle position there is an overlock seam width of 4. [. . . ] The front feed teeth, therefore, holds the fabric taut to prevent puckering. ( 27 ) TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE Check items below before calling for service. 19 ( 28 ) CLEANING AND LUBRICATING Warning: When cleaning the machine or changing its lamp, disconnect it from the mains. To keep your machine running smoothly ; it is necessary to clean using the brush from the accessory box now and then. [. . . ]


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