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[. . . ] Ni AgfaPhoto ni les sociétés affiliées ne sont responsables vis-à-vis de l’acheteur de ce produit ou de tiers en rapport aux demandes de dommages et intérêts, pertes, frais ou dépenses qui incombent à l’acheteur ou à des tiers à la suite d’un accident, d’un usage erroné ou abusif de ce produit ou à des modifications et réparations du produit 13 Introduction Dear Customer Introduction Brand Variable EN With the purchase of this device, you have chosen a quality AgfaPhoto product brand. Their device fulfils the most varied requirements for private use or in your office and business everyday. Scan photos or business cards and transfer the data automatically on to memory cards or onto compatible digital picture frames. The adapter for the negative film / slides (film guide) allows you to scan black/white negative film, colour negative film and unframed slides automatically. [. . . ] Using the protective cover 1 Open the protective cover and insert the document with the printed side facing up. 4 Push the document horizontally as far into the document feeder until it is automatically fed into the scanner and the scanning process is started. Do not insert documents into the feeder whilst the device is scanning. 6 4 Wait until the control lamp h and STATUS are no longer flashing and STATUS is continually on. This means that the scanning process is completed and the data was saved onto the memory card. Notice Removing documents from protective cover Remove the document from the protective cover after the scanning process in order to avoid the document sticking to the protective cover. 4 When the film guide is inserted correctly, it snaps into place and the device starts the calibration process. 8 Hold the negative film such that the labelling (number) of the negative is legible (not reversed) and the upper side of the image is facing in the direction of the activation key. EN Insert film / slides Notice Suitable documents • 35mm colour negative film • Unframed slides • 35mm black/white negative film • Automatic rotating and mirroring of the photo: The scanner automatically recognises the orientation of the negativ film when the printed numbers on the edge are in the same orientation as the photo. Scanning documents with the protective cover Notice Handle the negative carefully Handle the negative with care. 2 If the USB is working correctly, the device is recognised automatically. Notice If lines appear on the scanned image or the image is not sharp, you need to clean the scanner glass. 2 Insert the cleaning pen into the left hand end of the document ejector. Notice Instructions for Cleaning The cleaning pen must be free of any dust. Connecting to an USB hub If you would like to connect the device to a USB hub = (USB distributor), ensure that the USB hub is connected to the computer before you connect the device to the USB hub. 3 Move the cleaning pen carefully two or three times to the other end of the document ejector. 4 Move the cleaning pen to the left hand side of the document ejector again and then remove the cleaning pen. Switch the device off using the h before you disconnect the USB cable or the connection to the power supply. cleaning EN 5 The sheet is automatically fed and the cleaning process started. Never use liquid or easily flammable cleansers (sprays, abrasives, polishes, alcohol, etc. 6 After cleaning is complete, the sheet is ejected and the control lamp h goes out. Notice Cleaning sheet for the feed rollers Store the cleaning sheet in a dustfree location. [. . . ] Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. reproduction Not Permitted this product , or failure to strictly comply with AgfaPhoto operating and maintenance instructions. AgfaPhoto shall not be liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable materials other than those designated as original AgfaPhoto products or AgfaPhoto approved products. AgfaPhoto shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from electromagnetic interference that occurs from the use of any interface cables other than those designated as AgfaPhoto products. [. . . ]


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