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[. . . ] Type et localisation de fichier: indique le type de fichier lu ainsi que sa localisation. It can function as an access terminal (Set-Top- Box) to receive Earth Satellite TV broadcasts and it can also function as a DVD player. Read the instructions You should read all the safety and operating instructions before using the product. Keep the instructions You should keep all the safety and operating instructions for future reference. [. . . ] 2 DYNAMIC RANGE When the LINE OUT option is selected, choose this setting option to adjust the out relation for different effects. 3 DUAL MONO If your amplifier has Dolby digital output mode, you may choose STEREO, MONO L, MONO R and MIX MONO for the decoding method. To protect your DVD player, the interval between turning on and turning off, by the main ON button, should be over 30 seconds. If the unit is not going to be used for a long period of time, please disconnect the plug from the power socket. The DVD player should only operate with the correct power supply, which is the one marked on the sticker. If the DVD player stops during play ing, eject the disc and disconnect the unit. First installation after turning on Advanced features The first time you setup the unit (Picture 1) amessage appears asking if the user wishes to setup assistant to be activated. After selecting “Yes” a new frame appears, shown in Picture 2, requesting the country, OSD language and time zone be introduced. Then, select “Next” and press the ENTER key to go to the next screen, shown in Picture 3. From here, pressing SETUP once again, or alternatively RETURN will exit the menu. The main menu is divided into four principal selection points: Channel guide, System Config, Installation and Game, shown on the left of the screen. Selecting one of these points, a submenu will open, with the submenu points appearing on the right of the screen. The submenus are shown in Picture 5 to 8 and are detailed as follows: Picture 5:Channel Guide Picture 6:System Config Picture 7:Instllation Picture8:Game After entering the main menu, the first point, Channel Guide, will appear highlighted. Press the “up” or “down” function keys to select another point. Press ENTER to move to the following menu corresponding to the highlighted point. The submenus and their points are: Channel Guide: Includes: TV channels, radio channels, type of channels, channel edit and list of notes. System Config: Includes: TV settings, video settings, audio settings, language, parental control, time settings and system information. The channels appear on the left of the menu, and a preview window appears on the right. From here, the channel can be changed using the “up” and “down” function keys, ENTER to start viewing and “left” or “right” to change the channel group. Press DISPLAY to classify channels, which can be arranged in alphabetical order (A-Z), inverted alphabetical order, free viewing at the top, coded at the bottom, and by transponder (Picture 10). The channels can be changed using the “up” and “down” function keys, and the groups can be changed using the “left” or “right” function keys. 3 Type of Channels From the Type of Channels Menu, shown in Picture 12, each channel can be classified into a group. [. . . ] Image rotation Press the function keys to rotate the picture as desired. Zoom function This DVD player can enlarge and reduce pictures as well as show panoramic zoom. 76 Preparing the remote control Other Using the remote control Point the remote control towards the DVD player’s sensor. 5 V batteries) OPEN/CLOSE DISPLAY POWER Make sure that the + and – poles of the batt eries coincide with the marks on the inside of the battery compartment. [. . . ]


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