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[. . . ] We hope you will enjoy your high-quality mobile communication experience. For more information about how to use your cellphone, please visit www. alcatelonetouch. com to download the complete user manual. From the website, you can consult the FAQ, perform software upgrades, etc. English - CJB34D7ALAAA 1 Idol3-4. 7_6039H_GB_QG_20150409. indd 1 2015/4/9 9:54:10 Table of contents 1 Your mobile 3 2 Text input 13 3 Phone call 14 4 Contacts 16 5 Messaging 17 6 Email 18 7 Getting connected 19 8 Find my location using GPS satellites 21 9 Data backup 22 10 Factory data reset 22 11  Applications & Internal storage 23 12  Making the most of your phone 24 Safety and use 26 General information 33 Warranty 35 Troubleshooting 36 1 1. 1 Your mobile Keys and connectors Headset connector Front camera LED indicator Touch screen This product meets applicable national SAR limits of 2. 0 W/kg. The specific maximum SAR values can be found on page 30 of this user guide. When carrying the product or using it while worn on your body, either use an approved accessory such as a holster or otherwise maintain a distance of 15 mm from the body to ensure compliance with RF exposure requirements. [. . . ] Do not use the phone if the glass made screen, is damaged, cracked or broken to avoid any injury. Use only batteries, battery chargers, and accessories which are recommended by TCT Mobile Limited and its affiliates and are compatible with your phone model. TCT Mobile Limited and its affiliates disclaim any liability for damage caused by the use of other chargers or batteries. Remember to make back-up copies or keep a written record of all important information stored in your phone. Some people may suffer epileptic seizures or blackouts when exposed to flashing lights, or when playing video games. These seizures or blackouts may occur even if a person never had a previous seizure or blackout. If you have experienced seizures or blackouts, or if you have a family history of such occurrences, please consult your doctor before playing video games on your phone or enabling a flashing-lights feature on your phone. Parents should monitor their children’s use of video games or other features that incorporate flashing lights on the phones. All persons should discontinue use and consult a doctor if any of the following symptoms occur: convulsion, eye or muscle twitching, loss of awareness, involuntary movements, or disorientation. To limit the likelihood of such symptoms, please take the following safety precautions: -  o not play or use a flashing-lights feature if you are tired or need sleep. P 26 27 Idol3-4. 7_6039H_GB_QG_20150409. indd 26-27 2015/4/9 9:54:23 -  lay at the farthest distance possible from the screen. P - f your hands, wrists, or arms become tired or sore while playing, stop I and rest for several hours before playing again. -  you continue to have sore hands, wrists, or arms during or after If playing, stop the game and see a doctor. When you play games on your phone, you may experience occasional discomfort in your hands, arms, shoulders, neck, or other parts of your body. Follow the instructions to avoid problems such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other musculoskeletal disorders. PROTECT YOUR HEARING To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. Exercise caution when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeaker is in use. • PRIVACY: Please note that you must respect the laws and regulations in force in your jurisdiction or other jurisdiction(s) where you will use your mobile phone regarding taking photographs and recording sounds with your mobile telephone. Pursuant to such laws and regulations, it may be strictly forbidden to take photographs and/or to record the voices of other people or any of their personal attributes, and duplicate or distribute them, as this may be considered to be an invasion of privacy. It is the user's sole responsibility to ensure that prior authorisation be obtained, if necessary, in order to record private or confidential conversations or take a photograph of another person; the manufacturer, the seller or vendor of your mobile phone (including the operator) disclaim any liability which may result from the improper use of the mobile phone. This symbol on your telephone, the battery and the accessories means that these products must be taken to collection points at the end of their life: - Municipal waste disposal centres with specific bins for these types of equipment - Collection bins at points of sale. They will then be recycled, preventing substances being disposed of in the environment, so that their components can be reused. In European Union countries: These collection points are accessible free of charge. All products with this sign must be brought to these collection points. [. . . ] • Make sure this feature does not require an ALCATEL ONETOUCH accessory. When I select a number from my contacts, the number cannot be dialed • Make sure that you have correctly recorded the number in your file. • Make sure that you have selected the country prefix when calling a foreign country. I am unable to add a contact in my contacts • Make sure that your SIM card contacts are not full; delete some files or save the files in the phone contacts (i. e. My callers are unable to leave messages on my voicemail • Contact your network operator to check service availability. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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