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[. . . ] 17 EN DE FR ES IT SE NL RU PL IMPORTANT Please record the serial number of your unit in the space provided below and keep it as a permanent record. SERIAL NUMBER: ISO SERIAL NUMBER: INSTALLATION DATE: INSTALLATION TECHNICIAN: PLACE OF PURCHASE: AL For details on all functions, refer to the Owner’s Manual stored in the supplied CD-ROM. (As it is data CD, the CD cannot be used for playing back music and images on the player. ) If required, an ALPINE dealer will readily provide you with a print out of the Owner’s Manual contained in the CD-ROM. [. . . ] Choose a free account or a paid Premium account, either in the app or at spotify. € This product incorporates Spotify software which is subject to 3rd party licenses found here: www. € For information on the countries and regions where Spotify can be used, take a look at https://www. Owner’s manual Radio/RDS DAB Prese Displa Touch Prese Radio/RDS Operation Preset button Displays the preset stations with a short touch. Touch for at least 2 seconds to memorise the current station as a preset station. Full Search mode button Swipe to the right when you use the All Service list screen. (All Service list, Current Ensemble list or PTY list is displayed) Switches Function button Decreases frequency Slide Show Displays the program information, artist photos, and advertisements that are synchronised with the Service component currently being received. m/ for ownload he app or Preset mode screen EN DAB indicator Information display DE FR ES IT SE Increases frequency right when de screen. Y 9-EN ALPINE X902D/X802D-U/INE-W710D/i902D/iLX-702D 68-34732Z07-A_QRG (EN) Owner’s manual USB Flash drive Operation (Optional) USB Flash drive Operation (Optional) You can play back music files (MP3/WMA/AAC/FLAC) and video files (AVI/MKV/MP4) stored in a USB flash drive on the internal player of this system. HDM When yo USB Audio main screen example Quick Search button Touch or swipe to the right to use the Quick Search mode. Touching [ ] of the desired artist will play back all songs of the selected artist. Touching [ ] of the desired album will play back all songs of the selected album. 6 Wh me no ALPINE X902D/X802D-U/INE-W710D/i902D/iLX-702D 68-34732Z07-A_QRG (EN) l) Owner’s manual Bluetooth Setup, Bluetooth Operation Hands-Free Phone Control The unit can connect with up to two hands-free phones. If you connect two hands-free phones to the unit, select “Hands-free Device Priority” in “Bluetooth Setup” to set the order of precedence. For details, refer to OWNER’S MANUAL in the AUDIO VISUAL SECTION (CD-ROM). How to connect to a Bluetooth compatible device (Pairing) tal song no. If a 4 or 6 character Passcode appears on this device, enter the Passcode using the Bluetooth compatible device. If a 6 character Passkey appears on this device, make sure the same passkey is displayed on the Bluetooth compatible device and touch “Yes. € EN DE FR ES IT SE Answering a Call utton 2 3 [Setup] button 1 An incoming call triggers the ringtone and an incoming call display. Call info area NL RU artist is back all 5 Touch [ ] (Audio), [ ] (Hands-free) or [ ] (Both) for the device you want to connect from the list. PL Touch the call info area during a call changes to the Phone Operation screen. Y back all Hanging up the Telephone 6 When the device registration is complete, a message appears and the device returns to normal mode. [. . . ] Any unauthorized copying or disclosure of this material will lead to criminal and civil liabilities. Om inte dessa anvisningar följs kan det kan leda till allvarliga olyckor som till och med kan få dödlig utgång. Användandet av andra delar än som är avsedda för denna apparat kan leda till att apparaten skadas invändigt eller till ostadig montering på grund av lossnande delar. Ändra skärmen för val av ljudkälla till en specialanpassad skärm Du kan ändra skärmen för val av ljudkälla till din egen specialanpassade skärm genom att trycka på någon av ikonerna längs skärmens fyra kanter eller genom att dra vertikalt eller horisontellt. [. . . ]


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