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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Before being packaged and leaving the manufacturer, the appliance was thoroughly checked with regard to safety and functionality. Before using the appliance, please carefully read these Operating Instructions EN i Figures in this user manual are for illustrative purposes only. The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes which do not affect the operation of the appliance. 70 GUIDELINES CONCERNING THE SAFETY OF USE Some provisions in this user manual are unified for refrigerating products of different types (for a refrigerator, refrigerator-freezer or freezer) The Manufacturer shall not be held liable for damage arising from the failure to observe the instructions contained in this manual. [. . . ] — The products should be placed on plates, in containers or packed in food wrap. — If the food contacts the rear wall, it may cause frosting or wetting of the products. — Do not put dishes with hot food t into the fridge ● Products which absorb flavours easily such as butter, milk, white cheese and products with intense flavour, such as fish, smoked meat, hard cheese must be placed on shelves, packed in food wrap or in tightly sealed containers. — The storage of vegetables containing significant quantities of water will cause the deposition of condensation on the vegetable containers, it does not impact on the proper functioning of the fridge. — Before putting the vegetables into the fridge, dry them well. — Excessive moisture shortens the shelf life of vegetables, especially the leafed vegetables. — Do not wash the vegetables before storing in the refrigerator. Washing removes the natural protection, therefore it is better to wash the vegetables directly before consumption. ** ● In order to increase the loading capacity of the freezer chamber and allow the stacking of products on the freezer evaporator wire shelves up to maximum height it is possi- ble to remove drawers 1 and 2. * Freezing food** ● Practically all the food products, except for vegetables consumed raw, such as lettuce can be frozen. — Only food products of the highest quality, divided into small portions for single use, should be frozen. — Products should be packed in materials that are odourless, resistant to air and moisture penetration, and not susceptible to fat. plastic bags , polyethylene and aluminium sheets are the best wrapping materials. — The packaging should be tight and should stick to the frozen products. — Keep fresh and warm foodstuff at am- bient temperature away from the products, which have already been frozen. — We advise you not to place more of fresh food at a time to the freezer per day (see table witch technical specification). — In order to maintain optimum quality of the frozen food, reorganise the food that is in the middle of the freezer, so that it does not touch the products that are not yet frozen. — It is recommended that you move the already frozen products to one side and place the fresh products that are to be frozen on the opposite side, as close to the rear and side walls as possible. Drawers or compartments marked with one star used to be a feature of (mostly) cheaper fridges. ** Food can be stored at -12°C or below for 1-2 weeks without losing its taste. *** This rating is mainly used to store foods at -18°C or below. **** This appliance is suitable for storing foods at -18°C or below and freezing larger quantities of fresh foods. [. . . ] A night lamp - check whether the appliance is switched on by setting the thermostat to a position above 0. The appliance does The electric circuit is disrupted not work The lighting inside the chamber does not work The bulb is loose or fused (only appliances - fit the bulb correctly or replace it (see section above with bulb lightning type) “Replacing the interior light bulb) Incorrect setting of the adjustment knob The ambient temperature is higher or lower than the climate range from table with technical specification The appliance is located in a sunlit place or near heat sources - reset the knob to a higher position - the appliance is adapted to operation in the climate range from table with technical specification. Observe the guidelines contained in the manual - wait 72 hours until the food becomes cool (freToo much warm food loaded at a time ezes) and the required temperature is reached inside the chamber Temperature inside - place the food and containers in such a way that the appliance is not Internal air circulation obstructed they do not touch the rear wall of the fridge low enough or too high The air circulation at the back of the ap- move the appliance min. 30 mm away from the pliance is obstructed wall The door of the fridge/freezer is opened too - reduce the frequency of opening the door and/or often and/or remains open for too long shorten the time when door remains open - place the food and containers so that they would The door does not close completely not interfere with door closed The compressor is switched on too rarely - check whether the ambient temperature is not lower than climate class Door gasket inserted incorrectly - press the gasket in Incorrect setting of the adjustment knob - reset the knob to a lower position The appliance See. [. . . ]


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