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[. . . ] iPod nano Features Guide 2 Contents Chapter 1 4 5 5 7 8 9 14 14 15 19 20 24 29 30 30 31 31 34 36 36 37 41 43 43 45 45 50 iPod nano Basics iPod nano at a Glance Using iPod nano Controls Disabling iPod nano Controls Using iPod nano Menus Connecting and Disconnecting iPod nano Music Features About iTunes Importing Music Into Your Computer Organizing Your Music Downloading Music and Podcasts to iPod nano Playing Music Listening to Podcasts Listening to Audiobooks Listening to FM Radio Photo Features Downloading Photos Viewing Photos Extra Features and Accessories Using iPod nano as an External Disk Using Extra Settings Synchronizing Contacts, Calendars, and To-Do Lists Storing and Reading Notes Learning About iPod nano Accessories Tips and Troubleshooting General Suggestions Updating and Restoring iPod Software Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 2 Chapter 6 52 52 52 54 57 Safety and Cleaning Setup Safety Instructions General Safety, Cleaning, and Handling Guidelines Learning More, Service, and Support Chapter 7 Index Contents 3 1 iPod nano Basics 1 Congratulations on purchasing your iPod nano. Read this section to learn about the features of your iPod nano, how to use its controls, and more. To use iPod nano, you put music, photos, and other files on your computer and then download them to iPod nano. iPod nano is a music player and much more. With iPod nano, you can:  Store songs and digital photos for listening and viewing on the go  Listen to podcasts, downloadable radio-style shows delivered over the Internet  View photos as a slideshow with music on iPod nano  Listen to audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Music Store or audible. com  Store or back up files and other data, using iPod nano as an external disk  Synchronize contact, calendar, and to-do list information from your computer  Play games, store text notes, set an alarm, and more 4 iPod nano at a Glance Familiarize yourself with all the controls on your iPod nano: Hold switch Center button Menu button Next/Fast-forward button Previous/Rewind button Play/Pause button Click Wheel Serial number (on back) Dock connector port Headphones port Using iPod nano Controls The controls on your iPod nano are easy to find and use. The main menu appears. Use the Click Wheel and Center button to navigate through onscreen menus, play songs, change settings, and view information. [. . . ] Each time you connect iPod nano to your computer, photos are downloaded automatically. To download photos from a folder on your hard disk to iPod nano: 1 Drag the images you want into a folder on your computer. If you want images to appear in separate photo albums on iPod nano, create folders inside the main image folder, and drag images into the new folders. 2 Open iTunes, select iPod nano in the iTunes Source list, and then click the Options button. Options button 3 Click Photos and select "Synchronize photos from. " 4 Choose "Choose Folder" from the pop-up menu and select your image folder. When you download photos to iPod nano, iTunes optimizes the photos for viewing. Downloading full-resolution image files is useful if you want to store your images or move them from one computer to another, but is not necessary to view the images at full quality on iPod nano. To download full-resolution image files to iPod nano: 1 Open iTunes, select iPod nano in the iTunes Source list, and then click the Options button. Options button Chapter 3 Photo Features 33 2 Click Photos and select "Include full-resolution photos. " iTunes copies the full-resolution versions of the photos to the Photos folder on your iPod nano. Importing Photos from iPod nano to a Computer If you download full-resolution photos from your computer to iPod nano using the previous steps, they're stored in a Photos folder on iPod nano. You can connect iPod nano to a computer and import these photos to the computer. iPod nano must be enabled for disk use (see "Using iPod nano as an External Disk" on page 36). To import photos from iPod nano to a computer: 1 Connect iPod nano to the computer. 2 Drag image files from the Photos folder on iPod nano to the desktop or to a photo editing application on the computer. Note: You can also use a photo editing application, such as iPhoto, to import photos stored in the Photos folder. Viewing Photos You can view photos manually or as a slideshow on iPod nano. Viewing Photos on iPod nano To view photos on iPod nano: 1 On iPod nano, choose Photos > Photo Library. Or choose Photos and a photo album to see only the photos in the album. You see thumbnail views of the photos, which might take a moment to appear. 2 Select the photo you want and press the Center button to view a full-screen version. From any photo-viewing screen, use the Click Wheel to scroll through photos. Use the Next/Fast-forward and Previous/Rewind buttons to skip to the next or previous screen of photos. Viewing Slideshows You can view a slideshow, with music and transitions if you choose, on iPod nano. 34 Chapter 3 Photo Features To set slideshow settings: m Choose Photos > Slideshow Settings, and then follow the instructions below: To Set The length of time each slide is displayed before advancing The music that plays during slideshows Slides to repeat Slides to display in random order Slides to display with transitions Do This Choose Time Per Slide and pick a time. If you're using iPhoto, you can choose From iPhoto to copy the iPhoto music setting. Choose Transitions and choose a transition type. To view a slideshow on iPod nano: m Select any photo, album, or roll, and press Play. To skip to the next or previous photo manually, press the Next/Fast-forward or Previous/Rewind button. Chapter 3 Photo Features 35 4 Extra Features and Accessories 4 Your iPod nano can hold a lot more than songs. And you can do a lot more with it than listen to music. Read this section to find out more about the extra features of iPod nano, including how to use it as an external disk, alarm, or sleep timer; show times of day in other parts of the world; and synchronize contacts, calendars, to-do lists, and notes. Learn about how to use iPod nano as a stopwatch and lock the screen, and about the accessories available for iPod nano. Using iPod nano as an External Disk You can use iPod nano as an external disk to store and download data files. [. . . ] Dispose of your iPod according to your local environmental laws and guidelines. For information about Apple's recycling program, go to www. apple. com/environment/summary. html. Entsorgen Sie dieses Gerätes am Ende seines Lebenszyklus entsprechend der maßgeblichen gesetzlichen Regelungen. Nederlands: Gebruikte batterijen kunnen worden ingeleverd bij de chemokar of in een speciale batterijcontainer voor klein chemisch afval (kca) worden gedeponeerd. Apple and the Environment At Apple, we recognize our responsibility to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations and products. [. . . ]


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