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[. . . ] For information about the specific computers and graphics cards that are compatible with your display, go to www. Follow these steps to set up your Apple Thunderbolt Display: 1 Remove the protective film from the display and cables. 2 Insert the power cord into the display, and then insert the AC plug into a grounded power outlet. 4 If you're connecting to a MacBook Pro, plug the MagSafe connector into the MagSafe power port on your MacBook Pro to power it and charge its battery. [. . . ] Using a VESA Mounting Solution with Your Display You can attach your display to an alternative mounting solution, using the VESA Mount Adapter Kit available from the Apple Online Store at www. Use the kit to attach your display to any available VESA-compatible mounting solution. Before you lift or reposition your display, you may need to disconnect the cables and power cord. WARNING: Don't clean the screen with a cleaner containing alcohol or acetone. Don't operate your display in areas with significant amounts of airborne dust, or smoke from cigarettes, cigars, ashtrays, stoves, or fireplaces, or near an ultrasonic humidifier using unfiltered tap water. Tiny airborne particles produced by smoking, cooking, burning, or using an ultrasonic humidifier with unfiltered water may, in rare instances, enter the ventilation openings of your display and, under certain conditions, result in a slight haze on the inside surface of the glass panel that covers the display. Follow these safety guidelines for using your display: Â The only way to completely disconnect power is to unplug the power cord. Â Disconnect power immediately if the power cord is frayed or damaged, if you spill Something on the display, or if the display falls or is damaged in some other way. The power cord has a three-wire grounding plug (a plug that has a third grounding pin) that fits only a grounded AC outlet. If you are unable to insert the plug into an outlet because the outlet is not grounded, contact a licensed electrician to replace the outlet with a properly grounded outlet. WARNING: Your display is a high-voltage component and should not be opened for any reason, even when it's unplugged. If your display needs service, see "Learning More, Service, and Support" on page 16. Here are some guidelines for adjusting your display to reduce glare and to accommodate your physical size and shape. Â Arrange the display so that the top of the screen is slightly below your eye level when you're sitting at the keyboard. The best distance from your eyes to the screen is up to you, although most people tend to prefer 18 to 28 inches (45 to 70 cm). Â Position the display by tilting it up or down to minimize glare and reflections from overhead lights and nearby windows. Shoulders relaxed Forearms and hands in a straight line Forearms level or tilted slightly Lower back supported Thighs tilted slightly 18­28 in. (45­70 cm) Top of the screen at or slightly below eye level (You may need to adjust the height of your display by raising or lowering your work surface) Screen positioned to avoid reflected glare Clearance under work surface Feet flat on the floor or on a footrest For more information about health, safety, and maintenance, go to the Apple ergonomic website at www. Before performing any of these steps, make sure your computer is turned on, the display is plugged into a grounded power outlet, all the cables are connected properly to your computer and display, and your computer is not in sleep mode. If the screen doesn't have an image: Â Check the cables and connectors again to make sure they are connected properly to your computer and the display. Â Make sure your computer is turned on and is not in sleep mode. if the lid on your MacBook Pro is closed, use the external keyboard or mouse to wake the MacBook Pro from sleep. [. . . ] This display is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communications systems, or air traffic control machines, or for any other uses where the failure of the computer system could lead to death, personal injury or severe environmental damage. This symbol indicates that your product must be disposed of properly according to local laws and regulations. When your product reaches its end of life, contact Apple or your local authorities to learn about recycling options. As an ENERGY STAR partner, Apple has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® requirements for energy efficiency. [. . . ]


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