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[. . . ] Time Capsule Setup Guide Contents 5 7 8 9 11 13 14 17 19 19 21 22 23 25 25 25 26 27 Chapter 1: Getting Started About Your Time Capsule About the AirPort Software What You Need to Get Started The Time Capsule Status Light Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Time Capsule Using Your Time Capsule to Create Your Wireless Network Using AirPort Utility Creating a New Wireless Network Configuring and Sharing Internet Access Setting Advanced Options Allowing Wireless Clients to Access Your Network Without Entering a Password Using Time Machine with Your Time Capsule Chapter 3: Tips and Troubleshooting If You Can't Connect to the Internet If You Forgot Your Network Password or Time Capsule Password If Your Time Capsule Isn't Responding If Your Time Capsule Status Light Flashes Amber 3 28 29 29 30 If Your Printer Isn't Responding Updating AirPort Software Time Capsule Placement Considerations Items That Can Cause Interference with AirPort 31 Chapter 4: Learning More, Service, and Support 33 Appendix: Time Capsule Specifications and Safety Guidelines 36 Regulatory Compliance Information 4 Contents 1 Getting Started 1 Congratulations on purchasing your Time Capsule. Read this guide to get started. The new Time Capsule offers you the simplicity of fully automated backup for your Wi-Fi network. Using the Time Machine application in Mac OS X v10. 5. 2 Leopard or later, it's easy and automatic to back up all the computers on your network to a single Time Capsule. The Time Capsule is also a fully featured AirPort Extreme Base Station that provides simultaneous dual-band wireless networking. [. . . ] To set up or adjust Time Machine on a computer using Mac OS X Leopard: 1 Choose Apple > System Preferences, and then click Time Machine. 4 Choose your Time Capsule and click "Use for Backup. " Chapter 2 Setting Up Your Time Capsule 23 Your first backup with Time Capsule and Time Machine could take overnight or longer, depending on how much data you're backing up. To speed up the initial backup, connect your Time Capsule to your computer using Ethernet. In each subsequent backup, Time Machine backs up only files that have changed since the previous backup, so the backups don't take as long. Time Capsule is a great wireless backup solution for portable computers. Since the first backup can take some time, plug your portable into a power adapter--this conserves battery power and guarantees that backups won't be interrupted. Also, for the best wireless performance, place your portable computer in the same room as your Time Capsule. If you shut down your Mac or put it to sleep during a backup, Time Machine stops the backup and then continues from where it left off after your Mac starts up again. For more information about Time Machine, choose Help > Mac Help from the Finder menu on a computer using Mac OS X Leopard, and then type Time Machine in the search field. 24 Chapter 2 Setting Up Your Time Capsule 3 Tips and Troubleshooting 3 You can quickly solve most problems with your Time Capsule by following the advice in this chapter. If You Can't Connect to the Internet  Try connecting to the Internet directly from your computer. If you can't connect, check to make sure your network settings are correct. If they appear to be correct and you still can't connect, contact your Internet service provider (ISP).  Make sure you're connecting to the correct wireless network. If You Forgot Your Network Password or Time Capsule Password You can clear the AirPort network password or Time Capsule password by resetting your Time Capsule. To reset the Time Capsule password: 1 Use something pointed (such as a ballpoint pen) to press and hold down the reset button for one second. Important: If you hold the reset button for more than one second, you may lose your network settings. 25 2 Select your AirPort network.  On a Macintosh, use the AirPort status menu in the menu bar to select the network created by your Time Capsule (the network name doesn't change).  On a computer using Windows XP, hold the pointer over the wireless connection icon until you see your AirPort network name (SSID), and choose it from the list if there are multiple networks available. 3 Open AirPort Utility (in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder on a Macintosh, and in Start > All Programs > AirPort on a computer using Windows XP). 4 Select your Time Capsule, and then choose Manual Setup from the Base Station menu. 7 Click Wireless and choose an encryption method from the Wireless Security pop-up menu to turn on encryption and activate password protection for your AirPort network. If you turn on encryption, enter a new password for your AirPort network. 8 Click Update to restart your Time Capsule and load the new settings. If Your Time Capsule Isn't Responding Try unplugging it and plugging it back in. [. . . ] See the service and support information that came with your Apple product. Or, consult an experienced radio/television technician for additional suggestions. Important: Changes or modifications to this product not authorized by Apple Inc. could void the EMC compliance and negate your authority to operate the product. Exposure to Radio Frequency Energy The radiated output power of this device is well below the FCC and EU radio frequency exposure limits. [. . . ]


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