User manual ASUS NEXUS7 -1A006A (2013)

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[. . . ] For AndroidTM mobile technology platform 4. 1 Copyright © 2012 Google Inc. Google, Android, Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, Nexus 7, Google Play, YouTube, Google+, and other trademarks are property of Google Inc. A list of Google trademarks is available at http://www. google. com/permissions/ guidelines. html. All other marks and trademarks are properties of their respective owners. [. . . ] You can speak to enter text in most places that you can enter text with the onscreen keyboard. • Touch a text field, or a location in text you’ve already entered in a text field. • Touch the • When you see the microphone image, speak what you want to type. Say “comma, ” “period, ” “question mark, ” “exclamation mark, ” or “exclamation point” to enter punctuation. When you pause, what you spoke is transcribed by the speechrecognition service and entered in the text field, underlined. If you start typing or entering more text by speaking, the underline disappears. To improve processing of your voice input, Google may record a few seconds of ambient background noise in temporary memory Nexus 7 Guidebook enter & edit text 51 at any time. This recording remains on the device only fleetingly and is not sent to Google. To change your tablet’s speech settings, go to Settings > Personal > Language & input. Settings Nexus 7 Guidebook enter & edit text 52 7 Connect to networks Connect to Wi-Fi networks To work with Wi-Fi settings, go to works > Wi-Fi. Settings > Wireless & net- Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that can provide Internet access at distances of up to 100 meters, depending on the Wi-Fi router and your surroundings. To use Wi-Fi, you connect to a wireless access point, or “hotspot. ” Some hotspots are open and you can simply connect to them. Others implement security features that require other steps to set up, such as digital certificates or other ways to ensure that only authorized users can connect. To extend the life of your battery between charges, turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it. You can also set your device to disconnect automatically from Wi-Fi networks when it’s sleeping. Nexus 7 Guidebook Connect to networks 53 Turn Wi-Fi on & connect to a Wi-Fi network If you’re adding a Wi-Fi network when first setting up your device, Wi-Fi is turned on automatically. The device scans for available Wi-Fi networks and displays the names of those it finds. If the device finds a network that you connected to previously, it connects to it. 3. Touch a network name to see more details or connect to it, and type a password if necessary. Or, if your Wi-Fi router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup, touch WPS icon on your tablet, and then touch the same butthe ton on your router. To modify a network’s settings, touch & hold the network name. Add a Wi-Fi network You can add a Wi-Fi network so your device will remember it, along with any security credentials, and connect to it automatically when it’s in range. You must also add a Wi-Fi network if the network does not broadcast its name (SSID), or to add a Wi-Fi network when you are out of range. To join a secured network, you first need to learn security details from the network’s administrator. 4. Touch Save. Nexus 7 Guidebook Connect to networks 54 The information about the network is saved. [. . . ] 2. Slide your finger across the onscreen keyboard and release a key to input text. You can keep on typing or find a suggestion and double-tap to open the page. 4. To search for the contents of the omnibox or open a specific web address it contains, find and double-tap the Go key on the right side in the second row of the keyboard. Nexus 7 Guidebook Accessibility 93 To navigate within a webpage, you can: • Navigate forward and backward. Swipe down then up using a single motion to transition to the next reading level when reading blocks of text, or swipe up then down using a single motion to go back to the previous reading level. [. . . ]


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