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[. . . ] This makes for a high performance product, designed with the user in focus that also minimizes the impact on our natural environment. ENGLISH Some of the features of the TCO'03 Display requirements: Ergonomics · Good visual ergonomics and image quality in order to improve the working environment for the user and to reduce sight and strain problems. Important parameters are luminance, contrast, resolution, reflectance, colour rendition and image stability. Energy · Energy-saving mode after a certain time ­ beneficial both for the user and the environment · Electrical safety Emissions · Electromagnetic fields · Noise emissions Ecology · The product must be prepared for recycling and the manufacturer must have a certified environmental management system such as EMAS or ISO 14 001 · Restrictions on o chlorinated and brominated flame retardants and polymers o heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead. The requirements included in this label have been developed by TCO Development in cooperation with scientists, experts, users as well as manufacturers all over the world. Since the end of the 1980s TCO has been involved in influencing the development of IT equipment in a more userfriendly direction. Our labelling system started with displays in 1992 and is now requested by users and IT-manufacturers all over the world. For more information, please visit www. tcodevelopment. com FCC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Model Number: Trade Name: Responsible party: Address: Telephone number: PL2201W / PL2202W iiyama Ampronix Inc. [. . . ] Analog / Digital (Signal Select) The monitor enters into power management mode which reduces the power consumption to less than 2W when receiving no horizontal and/or vertical sync signal. H Speakers I AC Connector (AC IN) J Audio Connector ( ) K DVI-D 24pin Connector (DVI-D)* L D-sub mini 15pin Connector (D-SUB) M Keyhole for Security Lock NOTE You can fasten a security lock and cable to prevent the monitor from being removed without your permission. * Available for ProLite E2202WS only. 8 BEFORE YOU OPERATE THE MONITOR CONNECTING YOUR MONITOR : ProLite E2201W A Ensure that both the computer and the monitor are switched off. (See page 32 for CONNECTOR PIN ASSIGNMENT. ) C Connect the Power Cable to the monitor first and then to the power supply. NOTE The signal cables used for connecting the computer and monitor may vary with the type of computer used. An incorrect connection may cause serious damage to both the monitor and the computer. The cable supplied with the monitor is for a standard 15 pin D-Sub connector. If a special cable is required please contact your local iiyama dealer or regional iiyama office. For connection to Macintosh computers, contact your local iiyama dealer or regional iiyama office for a suitable adaptor. Make sure you tighten the finger screws at each end of the signal cable. [Example of Connection] <Back> Power Cable (Accessory) D-Sub Signal Cable (Accessory) DVI-D Signal Cable (Accessory) Computer [ Fitting of Cable Holder ] A Collect cables at the back of the stand. You are also able to adjust the picture by following the button operation shown below. For more detailed adjustments, see page 21 for SCREEN ADJUSTMENTS. ( Press the Menu Button to start the On Screen Display feature. There are additional Menu pages which can be switched by using the +/­ Buttons. Displayed while Lock Out is active. DCR setting is displayed. sRGB ENGLISH DCR LOCK 1 OFF Menu:1 Page no. Adjustment icon Current horizontal frequency, vertical refresh rate and resolution 1680 × 1050 H:65. 4KHz V:60. 1Hz B Select the Menu page which contains the adjustment icon relating to the adjustment you want to make. Then, use the +/­ Buttons to highlight the desired adjustment icon. Press the Menu Button again. C Use the +/­ Buttons to make the appropriate adjustment or setting. For example, to correct for vertical position, select Menu page number 1 and then press the Menu Button. Then, select (V-Position) by using the +/­ Buttons. DCR OFF Menu:1 1680 × 1050 H:65. 4KHz V:60. 1Hz An adjustment scale appears after you press the Menu Button. The vertical position of the overall display should be changing accordingly while you are doing this. V-Position The bar shows the progress of the adjustment being made. ­ + 50 NOTE When button operations are aborted during adjustment, On-Screen Display disappears when the time set for the OSD Off Timer has passed. Any changes are automatically saved in the memory when the On Screen Display disappears. Adjustments for Clock, Phase and Position are saved for each signal timing. Except for these adjustments, all other adjustments have only one setting which applies to all signal timings. 12 OPERATING THE MONITOR ADJUSTMENT MENU CONTENTS Direct You can skip the Menu pages and display an adjustment scale directly by using the following button operations. [. . . ] There is a power management step the monitor takes as described below. The power management function, including any timer settings is configured by the operating system. Check your operating system manual for information on how this can be configured. ENGLISH Power Management Mode When the H-sync signal / V-sync signal / H and V sync signals from the computer are off, the monitor enters into Power Management Mode which reduces the power consumption to less than 2W. From Power Management Mode, the image reappears in several seconds when either the keyboard or the mouse are touched again. Power Indicator NORMAL MODE POWER MANAGEMENT MODE Blue Orange POWER 0 2W CONSUMPTION 100% NOTE Even when using the power management mode, the monitor consumes electricity. [. . . ]


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