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[. . . ] Products and corporate names appearing in this manual may or may not be registered trademarks or copyrights of their respective companies, and are used only for identification or explanation and to the owners' benefit, without intent to infringe. · Windows, MS-DOS, and DirectX are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. · Adobe and Acrobat are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. The product name and revision number are both printed on the product itself. Manual revisions are released for each product design represented by the digit before and after the period of the manual revision number. Manual updates are represented by the third digit in the manual revision number. [. . . ] H/W Setup The remote control receiver may be placed anywhere, as long as it is not blocked Installing Batteries Open the back cover of Remote Controller and put in two pieces AAA betteries (alkaline battery recommended). If the Remote Control does not operate or fails to function normally, replace the batteries. The Remote Control operates on two AAA (UM-4) 1. 5 volt batteries, available at most stores, such as electronics and camera stores. Installing receiver of ASUS remote control kit Plugging receiver (with USB port on it) into the USB port of your computer and have the receiver grip on the top of computer panel or your favorite location for easy operation. ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 15 2. Hardware Setup ASUS Remote Controller ASUS Remote Controller Layout 16 ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 2. Innovation design of ASUS Remote Controller for controlling ASUSDVD XP/ PowerVCR II/EPG software with desktop PC. Mouse mode can be used as mouse function while you aren't in front of your computer. Provide default settings for four computer software (DVD button -ASUSDVD VCR button-PowerVCR II, EPG Button) and can be reset-up depends on user demands. Convenient to edit personal hot key for each computer software with easy operation setting program. Specifications: · Operation Voltage : 3V ; Battery : AAA Battery x 2 (alkaline battery recommended) · Receiver Inter face : USB Port ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 17 2. Hardware Setup Functions Button Mode 1 VCR Mode Mode2 DVD Mode Mode3 Teletext Mode (for PAL system only) Mode4 FM radio - Instant Replay Menu - - Playback EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Subtitles Audio (Switch available audio) - - Snapshot Snapshot - - Mouse Mouse Left button Mouse Mouse Left button - - - - System settings Configuration Mouse Right button Backward Play/Pause Forward 18 Mouse Right button Backward (1X /2X / 3X / 4X / 8X / 16X / 32X) - - - Backward Play/Pause Forward Play/Pause (1X) (1X /2X / 3X / 4X / 8X / 16X / 32X) Forward ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 2. Hardware Setup Button Mode 1 Record Mode2 Repeat Mode 4 Record Stop Switch current video sources Volume Up / Down Mute Channel Up / Down Fullscreen TV Wall SAP/Stereo/Mono 1 2 3 4 Stop Eject Stop - Volume Up / Down Mute Chapter Next / Previous Fullscreen Bookmark (Adds bookmarks for specific DVD scenes) Volume Up / Down Mute Channel Up / Down Goto Station 1 Goto Station 2 Goto Station 3 Goto Station 4 Number Lock* 1* Up/2* 3* Left/4* 5 Enter/5* Goto Station 5 ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 19 2. Hardware Setup Button Mode 1 6 Mode2 Right/6* Mode 4 Goto Station 6 7 8 7* Down/8* - 9 Return 9* Go Up. - (Go to previous section when (Return to the last channel viewed) navigating DVD title menu selections) 0 Auto Scan (Auto scans for available channels) 0* Go To. (Go to bookmark) - If you want to use the functions what have "*" symbol, must be enabled Number Lock function. Then press those function key twice. 20 ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 3. Some games written for older DirectX versions may not work properly under DirectX8. Make sure that your applications or games support DirectX8 before installing the DirectX8 runtime libraries. DirectX8 currently cannot be uninstalled by regular means, such as outlined in 3. Software Setup Install ASUS Remote Controller Driver Method : ASUS Quick Setup Program 1. Click Finish after all installation steps are performed. ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 3. Software Setup Uninstall the TV FM Card Drivers If you want to update your TV FM Card drivers or if you no longer need the TV FM Card drivers for your card, you can use following procedures to completely uninstall the drivers from your system to save disk space. Windows 98 / ME Method: Using the Control Panel 1. Click Finished to restart. ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 29 3. The EzAgent and ASUS FM Radio applications must be closed before the uninstall process. Click Finish after all steps are performed. ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 3. Software Setup Install VideoSecurity VideoSecurity is a powerful video stream comparison and detection utility that helps in detecting potential errors or intrusions at a specific time interval by using a video capture device, such as a digital camera. Insert the CD installation disc into your CD-ROM drive or double click the CD drive icon in My Computer to bring up the autorun screen or run Setup32. exe in the directory \AutoRun of your CD-ROM drive. 2. [. . . ] This is useful when you don't want anyone to know you are monitoring. When this option is selected, the VideoSecurity icon will appear on the taskbar in the lowerright corner of your screen. · Always on Top is like a Normal Window except that the main window and control panel is shown always on top of other programs or utilities. You may right click to enable or disable this function at the main window anytime. ASUS TV FM Card User's Manual 4. [. . . ]


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