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[. . . ] The socket outlet should be installed near the equipment and be easily accessible. · This product should be operated from the type of power indicated on the marked label. If you are not sure of the type of power available, consult your dealer or local power company. Care And Cleaning · Cleaning. · Slots and openings on the back or top of the cabinet are for ventilation. [. . . ] Check Search for a suitable driver for my device option, and click Next. Check the option for CD-ROM drives (uncheck all others) and click Next. Look to confirm that the wizard has selected the correct name of your monitor and click Next. Restart the computer. 12 Getting the most from your BenQ monitor How to upgrade the monitor on an existing computer This instruction details the procedure for manually updating the existing monitor driver software on your Microsoft Windows computer. It is currently tested as compatible for Windows XP and Windows Vista Operating System (OS). The BenQ LCD Monitor driver for your model may well function perfectly with other versions of Windows, however, as at the time of writing, BenQ has done no testing of this driver on other versions of Windows and cannot guarantee its operation on those systems. Installing monitor driver software involves selecting an appropriate information file (. inf) on the BenQ LCD Monitor CD-ROM for the particular model monitor you have connected, and letting Windows install the corresponding driver files from the CD. Windows has an Upgrade Device Driver Wizard to automate the task and guide you through the file selection and installation process. See: · · How to install on Windows Vista systems on page 14. How to install on Windows XP system on page 15. Getting the most from your BenQ monitor 13 How to install on Windows Vista systems 1. Open Display Settings. Right-click the desktop and select Personalize from the popup menu. Select Display Settings from the Personalize appearance and sounds window. Click the Advanced Settings button. The Generic PnP Monitor Properties window will display. 3. For models with DVI inputs, this key is also the hot key for Input. OSD = On Screen Display. The hot-keys will display a graduated scale for adjusting the value of that setting, and will only operate while the OSD menu is not currently displaying. Hot-key displays will disappear after a few seconds of no key activity. See Hot key mode on page 19. How to adjust your monitor 17 On Screen Display (OSD) menu structure DISPLAY Auto Adjustment H. Position Pixel Clock Phase Brightness Contrast Sharpness Color DynamicContrast Normal Bluish Reddish User Mode Reset Color ON OFF PICTURE ADVANCED Picture Mode Senseye Demo Display Mode Standard Movie Dynamics Photo sRGB ON OFF Full Aspect SYSTEM Red Green Blue YES NO PICTURE Input OSD Settings DDC/CI Information Reset All D-sub DVI Language H. Position Display Time OSD Lock ON OFF YES NO English French German Italian Spanish Polish/Japanese Czech/Traditional Chinese Hungarian/Simplified Chinese Serbo-croatian Romanian Dutch Russian Swedish Portuguese 5 Sec. YES NO Input is only available for models with DVI inputs. 18 How to adjust your monitor Hot key mode The monitor keys perform as hotkeys to provide direct access to particular functions whenever the menu isn't currently displaying on-screen. Brightness and Contrast hot keys key to display the Brightness Press the and Contrast indicators. Further press the the or keys, then the ENTER key to key select Brightness or Contrast. Mode hot key Press the key continually to switch between the 5 modes for the main window, including Standard, Movie, Dynamics, Photo, and sRGB. See also Picture Mode on page 25. Input hot key (not available for analog-only models) Press the ENTER key to toggle between different PC video signal inputs that may be connected to your monitor. [. . . ] Use this to change the input to that appropriate to your video cable connection type. Analog-only models do not have the Input function. Operation Press the or keys to change the settings. Range · DVI · D-sub OSD Settings - Press ENTER to enter the OSD Settings menu. How to adjust your monitor 27 Language Sets the OSD menu language. Press the or adjust the value. keys to · English · French · German · Italian · Spanish · Polish/ Japanese · Czech/ Traditional Chinese · Hungarian/ Simplified Chinese · Serbo-Croatian · Romanian · Dutch · Russian · Swedish · Portuguese 0 to 100 0 to 100 · 5 Sec. · 30 Sec. The language options displayed on your OSD may differ from those shown on the right, depending on the product supplied in your region. H. Position Display Time Adjusts the horizontal position of the OSD menu. change the settings. 28 How to adjust your monitor OSD Lock Prevents all the monitor settings from being accidentally changed. [. . . ]


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