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[. . . ] An improper ground may cause electric shock or equipment damage. Insert the power plug firmly so that it does not come loose. A bad connection may cause fire. Do not excessively bend the plug and wire nor place heavy objects upon them, which could cause damage. This may cause an electric shock or fire. Do not connect too many extension cords or plugs to an outlet. This may cause fire. Do not disconnect the power cord while using the monitor. [. . . ] Adjusts the screen location horizontally and vertically. Image Setup Position Sharpness Changes the clearance of image. Option Tab Definition You can configure MagicTuneTM using the following options. Loads the Preferences Dialog Box. To turn on or off any Preference, position the cursor over the box and click. - To access the MagicTuneTM menus, click the icon on the [task tray menu]. The menus are not displayed if the [Enable System Tray] is deselected in [Options] ' [Basic Settings]. Select Language - The language chosen affects only the language of the OSD. Analog Digital Source Select Support Tab Definition Shows the Asset ID and the version number of the program, and allows you to use the Help feature. Help Visit the MagicTuneTM website or click to open the Help files (User Manual) if you need any help installing or running MagicTuneTM. The User Manual opens within a basic browser window. Asset ID you can use the server to control the Client monitor. (Server program should be installed to use this program as Client) User Name Shows the user name that is registered in PC. User ID Shows the user ID that is register in PC. Server IP Write down the server IP . Department Write down the department. Location Write down the location. Version Displays the version of MagicTuneTM. Overview | Installation | OSD Mode | Color Calibration | Uninstall | Troubleshooting Color Calibration 1. Color Calibration Color Calibration guides you to get optimal color condition for your monitor. Proceed following 5steps for getting optimal monitor color condition . Control "Brightness control bar" for matching the brightness of control patch and the brightness of background pattern When you detect specific color tone on "Control patch", move the control cursor toward to the direction of the color tone referring to "Color reference Circle". (This is for Win98SE and WinMe only. ) Restart the system before use. For the best performance of MagicTuneTM, adjust to the optimal resolution. If you do not adjust to the optimal resolution and perform Color Calibration, the monitor cannot be adjusted to the optimal condition. Refer to the manual for the optimal resolution. This video card does not support MagicTuneTM. This happens when the current video card list is not displayed normally. You can check this from Start > Setup > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Display Adapter. Visit the video card manufacturer's homepage and download and install the latest driver. For more information about the video card, contact the card manufacturer. As the Highlight program uses the communication lines, please exit the Highlight program before you can access MagicTuneTM. When using both the Highlight feature and MagicTuneTM simultaneously, conflicts occur, which cause errors. Make sure to turn OFF Highlight before using MagicTuneTM. Troubleshooting MagicTuneTM may not work in case monitor is replaced or driver of graphic card is updated while MagicTuneTM is operating. Check List MagicTuneTM feature is found only on PC (VGA) with Window OS that supports Plug and Play. Solutions * To check whether your PC is available for MagicTuneTM feature, follow the steps below (When WindowsTM is XP); Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> Monitors -> After deleting Plug and Play monitor, find 'Plug and Play monitor' by searching new Hardware. When you have a problem with the graphic card, visit our website to check the compatible graphic card list provided. http://www. samsung. com/monitor/MagicTune MagicTuneTM doesn't work properly. The program can be downloaded http://www. samsung. com/monitor/MagicTune. Visit the MagicTuneTM website for technical support for MagicTuneTM, FAQs (questions and answers) and software upgrades. Visit the MagicTuneTM website and download the installation software for MagicTuneTM MAC. Overview | Installation | OSD Mode | Color Calibration | Uninstall | Troubleshooting Troubleshooting The current computing system is not compatible with MagicTuneTM. [. . . ] has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency. All other product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Class B This device is a Class B digital apparatus. For Safety and EMC compliance guide, you may refer to "Regulatory" Guide. MÉXICO IMPORTADO POR: ASUS ELECTRONICS MÉXICO. 54940 Tel: 01-55-5747-5100 / 01-800-726-7864 EXPORTADO POR: Samsung Electronics CO. , LTD. [. . . ]


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