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[. . . ] 32 Before use, please read and follow the safety rules and operating instructions in this manual. Firstly, we would like to thank you for purchasing an AVINTAGE product and hope that this appliance fully lives up to your expectations. This appliance enables you to bring your bottles at room temperature or bring them to service temperature (depending on the bottles) thanks to its wide adjustment range. GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Before you use your appliance for the first time, please read this user manual carefully. [. . . ] Ambient room temperature limits This appliance is designed to operate in ambient temperatures specified by its temperature class marked on the rating plate. CLASS Extended temperate Temperate Subtropical Tropical Built-in installation drawings The wine cooler door seals the installed unit almost completely. CAUTION: for all of these models, please take into consideration the clearances required for air intake and exhaust. Hot air must be driven by the ventilation to the rear wall of the cellar and then expelled upwards. The ventilation channels shall be at least 200 square centimeters in cross-section. Warning: to ensure proper operation, the ventilation grilles must never be obstructed or covered. sYMBOL SN N ST T AMBIENT TEMPERATURES RANGE (°C) From +10 to +32 From +16 to +32 From +16 to +38 From +16 to +43 46 AVI47XDZ AVI48CDZ 47 AVI81XDZ AVI82CDZ AVI94X3Z Handle installation Your appliance is equipped with a stainless steel handle. To install it, simply screw it onto the door with the screws provided, following the diagram below. Please be noted that you need to remove the magnetic seal before screwing the handle. Once the handle is properly tightened, please reposition the gasket gently. 48 Reversing the door The door can be changed from left and right side. If required to open from right side please refer to the following direction. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) Screws Decoration plug Top hinge pin Right top hinge plate Glass door Left top hinge plate Lower hinge plate Lower hinge pin Screws Cabinet Screws Lower hinge plate Screws Lower part of the cabinet IMPORTANT: all parts removed must be saved to do the reinstallation of door. Unscrew the top hinge pin n°3 and lower hinge pin n°8. Be careful to support the glass door with hands to prevent it dropping after removing the pins (fig. Pull down to remove the glass door and place it on a padded surface to prevent scratching it. Remove the right top hinge plate n°4 by unscrewing the four screws n°1 and get the left top hinge plate n°6 from the plastic bag that includes the instruction manual then install it at the designated position on the opposite side (fig. Remove the lower plate n°7 by unscrewing the four screws n°9. Turn around the glass 180° and refit the hinge pin n°3 and 8 through the top hinge plate n°6 and lower hinge plate n°7 into the door. Make sure that the spacers which the hinge pins sit on are correctly positioned. Leveling the door by adjusting the screws that are used to fix the top hinge plate and lower hinge plate. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS It is recommended that you installed your appliance in a place where the ambient temperature is between 10-32°C. [. . . ] For more detailed information about treatment, recovery and recycling of this product, please contact your local authority, your household waste disposal service or the retailer where you purchased the product. WARNING As we continuously improve our products for the benefit of our customers, we reserve the right to modify technical characteristics without notice. Warranties for AVINTAGE brand products are offered exclusively by selected retailers. No part of these instructions may be considered as a supplementary guarantee. [. . . ]


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