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[. . . ] 27 Before use, please read and follow the safety rules and operating instructions in this manual. Firstly, we would like to thank you for purchasing an AVINTAGE product and hope that this appliance fully lives up to your expectations. This appliance enables you to bring your bottles at room temperature or bring them to service temperature (depending on the bottles) thanks to its wide adjustment range. GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Before you use your appliance for the first time, please read this user manual carefully. [. . . ] How to set the temperature: The temperature preset in factory for this model is 12 ° C. to change the temperature:  Press SET, “SP” will be shown on the display and press SET again and the current value will be shown  press simultaneously SET and the upper arrow  Press UP or DOWN arrows to change the set point value between 5 and 18°C  press SET to accept the new value  Press SET and down arrow at the same time to exit the programming mode or wait 1 minute to automatically exit The thermostat in your wine cellar only controls the production of cold air. If your wine cellar is equipped with the winter system and is intended for use in an unheated area, the heating circuit is factory preset and you do not need to adjust it. Don’t worry if your thermometer doesn’t indicate exactly 12°C!Inertia of liquid with respect to air is a factor of 1 to 10 and your cellar will make the necessary corrections automatically. Moreover, as the cellar is working according cycles, if you look at the display, indicating the instantaneous temperature, during a cold cycle it is normal that it is less than 12 ° C. Conversely, during a warm cycle, the readable temperature will be higher than 12 ° C for a certain period of time. Your Avintage wine cellar is equipped with a continuous fresh air system, filtered by a charcoal filter. This is a 5 cm diameter black plastic washer in the top left of the cellar at the back. It should be replaced annually and can be bought from our partner website www. Replacing the activated charcoal filter: it must be absolutely replaced once a year. It is located in the upper right corner at the bottom of the wine cellar. To remove it, push the charcoal filter from the inside of your wine cellar in order to remove it outside the appliance, by the back. The hole visible in the rear lower section is normal and provides negative pressure, to ensure internal air circulation. Pulling or pushing the plastic receptacle may be not reparable as foamed in the body. This is why your wine cellar’s slow-cycle compressor is mounted on special shock absorbers called "silent blocks". Likewise, the inner container is insulated from the body by a thick layer of polyurethane foam which also has the particular feature of absorbing vibration. Depending on the model, the wine bottle shelves are made of solid wood and absorb vibration better than metal. On some models, the shelf supports are also equipped with rubber pads. Hygrometry Your cellar is equipped with a dynamic humidity system, which regulates the humidity level in the cabinet entirely automatically. It is necessary to wait a few days after start-up for the average (between 55 and 70%) to stabilise in the cabinet. Frost will form at the bottom of the cabinet: no cause for worry, this is a normal phenomenon, which may appear when the appliance is used for the first time during the hotter periods of the year and which will disappear when the natural inertia level is reached. [. . . ] If however, and despite all the care taken during the manufacture of your wine cellar, the LEDs were defective, please contact your after-sales service for any intervention. SOME USEFUL INFORMATION Examples of serving temperatures To be followed when tasting, to avoid missing out on the rich aromas of your wines!ENVIRONMENT This appliance is marked according to the European directive 2012/19/CE on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. [. . . ]


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