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[. . . ] € Recommended weight for seat back pocket is 2 lbs/1 kg and basket is 10 lbs/4, 5 kg. € Stroller is not meant to be used for transporting children up or down stairs. € Accessories which are not approved by the manufacturer or distributor shall not be used. €  atch out for cars – never assume that a driver can see you and your child. [. . . ] 13 3 English Français Español 4 2 Release the Brake 5 3 Pinch the gray tabs and pull the lever towards you. 4 & 5 Push the brake lever [2] down until it is parallel with the frame. 14 1 16 2 16 English Français 4 Click 4 Español CANOPY Attach the Canopy to the Frame 1  lide the Canopy [16] peg into the top hole of the Accessory Mounting S Bracket [4] until it clicks into place. (The bottom hole can be used to attach Baby Jogger accessories to your stroller. ) Remove the Canopy 2 Press the top gray button on the Accessory Mounting Bracket [4] to release the canopy peg. 15 1 English Français Español 2 Front SAFETY HARNESS Adjust Harness Height 1  rom the back of the seat, open Velcro pocket and locate the plastic square stopper. F Turn stopper and pass through the openings in the PE board and seat fabric. 2  einsert stopper at seat opening closest to child’s shoulders. W  arning: Always use the crotch strap in combination with the shoulder straps and waist belt. 16 3 15 4 English Français Español Adjust Harness Length 3 Slide the Harness Pads [15] up to access plastic guide on strap. 17 5 English Français Español 6 PRESS PRESS 7 Buckle the Harness 5 Insert side strap buckle into harness buckle on both sides. 6  Insert connected harness and side strap buckles into the sides of the crotch buckle. A 18 1 2 English Français Español SEAT Recline the Seat 1  inch the clamp behind the seat, and slide it down to desired recline. 19 3 English Français Español 4 10 16 Removing the seat 3  emove the canopy [16]. Starting with the top snap closest to the handle and R working your way down the entire frame, unsnap seat from frame. 4  nfasten seat straps from around the bottom/back of the frame, located U behind the Front Wheel [10]. 20 5 5 Locate the fold strap rings connected to the stroller frame underneath the stroller seat. W  arning: Always be sure the safety strap is securely snapped onto the frame before using stroller!21 6 English Français Español Weather Cover 6 If desired, pull the weather cover down and over the seat back mesh. When not in use, roll up the weather cover and fasten it with the elastic loop and barrel provided under the canopy fabric. 22 1 2 English Français Español 9 9 BASKET REMOVAL 1 From the rear of the stroller: Unsnap the top snaps of the Basket [9] from around the frame tubing above the middle crossbar. Unsnap the bottom snaps of the basket from around the frame tubing below the middle crossbar. [. . . ] Proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim and the warranty is only extended to the original purchaser. This warranty does not cover: • Normal wear and tear • Corrosion or rust • Incorrect assembly, or the installation of third party parts or accessories not compatible with the original design • Accidental or intentional damage, abuse or neglect • Commercial Use • Improper storage/care of the unit This warranty specifically excludes claims for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose is according to the specific warranty period for this model unit at time of purchase. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. [. . . ]


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