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[. . . ] 124 124 124 125 125 126 126 126 127 127 127 Rear view camera Displaying Rear view camera (depending on the model) Traffic forecast (depending on model) 127 127 128 Country information Blocking a section of the road permanently Trip computer (depending on model) Settings Selecting system settings The system settings menu Operation Selection options Closing the settings menu The individual menu items Battery Automatic on/off 128 129 131 133 133 133 133 133 133 134 134 134 Day/night display Brightness Design by day Design by night Setting the colour Language Sounds Audio Routing (depending on the model) Rear view camera (depending on the model) ProActive Auto Start Driver profiles (depending on model) Renaming driver profile Deleting driver profile Driver profile Pro (model dependent) Service information Factory settings Calibration 135 135 136 136 137 137 138 138 138 139 140 141 141 141 142 142 143 Technical terminology index Model overview and technical specifications NOTICE EU Declaration of Conformity Disposal of the unit Disposal of the battery Duty to supply information according to battery legislation (BattV) Removing the battery 144 146 149 150 150 151 152 152 152 The information and data contained in these documents are subject to change without prior notice. No part of these documents may be duplicated or transmitted for any purpose whatsoever without express written permission of United Navigation GmbH. 1, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany, provides a world-wide, 24-month warranty (battery: 6 months) for BECKER units, beginning on the day of delivery to the final customer (buyer). Within the framework of the warranty, functional defects will be eliminated free-of-charge, provided that these can be shown to be the result of material or manufacturing faults and this shall be effected either by elimination of the fault or by provision of a new unit, at the discretion of the manufacturer. [. . . ] The message will close automatically once you have left the critical area. In addition, the message closes automatically when you approach a new road section with a restriction. Warnings without planned route When the driver warnings function is activated in the navigation settings, you will be warned about road sections where there are relevant restrictions. The function is similar as described in the chapter "Warning with planned route". Furthermore, the navigation system will display in which direction you can or cannot drive at intersections, provided that the information is available. If there are road sections on your route that are subject to a restriction, your navigation system will warn you shortly before reaching the road sections affected. The layout of the message is similar as 75 >>> >D > GB >F >I > PL NAVIGATION MODE Selecting the route type > After pressing the Route type button, select one of the following options. Option Fast route Economical route Short route Easy route Meaning With this option, the fastest route in terms of travel time is calculated. With this option, the most economical route in terms of travel time and mileage is calculated taking into consideration further parameters such as gradients, for example. With this option, the shortest route in terms of mileage is calculated. With this option, a route with as few manoeuvres as possible is calculated. You can set one of the following options for each of these road types. Option Permitted Meaning With this option, the road type in question is included in calculating the route. With this option, the road type in question is not included in calculating the route. Prohibited > Confirm your selection in the Route options window ny pressing the OK button. 76 NAVIGATION MODE The TMC button You can configure settings for the reception of traffic announcements in the TMC settings window. Setting Rerouting >>> >D > GB >F >I > PL Meaning This button allows you to choose whether the route change should be made Never, Automatically or Manually. (See "Taking announcements into consideration when calculating routes" on page 89. The Traffic Button (model dependent) When the navigation device has access to the server, the heading Traffic and another icon are displayed instead of TMC. The traffic announcements will always then be retrieved updated from the server. An automatic search procedure presets the transmitter with the best reception. The TMC announcements can be spoken by the voice, if the navigation settings in the Voice guidance menu the Announce TMC events option is activated. [. . . ] Interference caused by your unit affecting other electrical/electronic devices, as well as interfering influences on your unit from other electrical/electronic devices are largely prevented. NOTICE The EC type-approval mark (E13) issued by Luxembourg's Road Traffic Registration Authority in accordance with European Directive ECE-R10 governing the EMC of motor vehicles in its current version authorises installation and operation of the unit in motor vehicles (classes L, M, N and O). EU Declaration of Conformity The United Navigation GmbH hereby declares that the navigation device described here isin compliance with the essential requirements of the EC directives and in particular is incompliance with the essential requirements and other relevant regulations of the R&TTEdirective 1999/5/EG. You can find a comprehensive EU Declaration of Conformity on our website http://www. [. . . ]


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