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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Eu STC1820E STC1840E 12 13 12 14 22 A 12 12a B 11 19 20 G H 7 17 16 18 16 C 15 D I J 21 2 E 2 20 F J1 5˚-10˚ J2 3 4 P1 P2 J3 1 60cm K 2 P 28 26 27 P2 Q 7 25 29 L M R 31 S 24 N 4 23 30 23 O T U 5 ENGLISH (Original instructions) (Original instructions) ENGLISH Intended use Your BLACK+DECKER STC1820E, STC1840E trimmers have been designed for trimming and finishing lawn edges and to cut grass in confined spaces. When using mains-powered appliances, basic safety precautions, including the following, should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, personal injury and material damage. For your own safety and bystanders please read these instructions before operating the machine. The use of any accessory or attachment or the performance of any operation with this appliance other than those recommended in this instruction manual may present a risk Safety of others. [. . . ] U To return to trimming position, pull the flip-to-edge collar down and rotate the head clockwise back to its original position. Note: You will experience faster than normal cutting line wear if the trimmer line is positioned directly over the sidewalk or abrasive surface. Helpful cutting tips u Use the tip of the string to do the cutting; do not force string head into uncut grass. Use edge guide along such things as fences, houses and flower beds for best practices. U In long growth cut from the top down and do not exceed 300 mm high. U Keep trimmer tilted toward the area being cut; this is the best cutting area. Tree bark, wood moldings, siding, and fence posts can easily be damaged by the string. When being used as an Edger, stones, pieces of metal and other objects can be thrown out at high speed by the line. However, MAKE SURE that other persons and pets are at least 30 m away. U Using the edging wheel (9), guide the trimmer as shown in Figure M. U Position the edging wheel on the edge of the sidewalk or abrasive surface so the cutting line is over the grass or dirt area to be edged. During use, the tips of the nylon lines will become frayed and worn and the special self feeding spool will automatically feed and trim a fresh length of line. Cutting line will wear faster and require more feeding if the cutting or edging is done along sidewalks or other abrasive surfaces or heavier weeds are being cut. The advanced automatic line feeding mechanism senses when more cutting line is needed and feeds and trims the correct length of line whenever it’s required. Do not bump unit on ground in attempt to feed line or for any other purposes. Press the spool down gently and rotate it until you feel it drop into place and then push to snap into place. (When in place, the spool will turn a few degrees left and right freely). U Snap the spool cap back on as shown in Figure Q by depressing lugs and pressing into spool housing. Note: Make sure that cover is fully positioned, listen for two audible clicks to ensure both lugs are correctly located. In a few seconds or less you’ll hear the nylon line being cut automatically to the proper length. To avoid appliance damage, if the cutting line protrudes beyond the trimming blade, cut it off so that it just reaches the blade. The use of any accessory not recommended by BLACK+DECKER for use with this appliance could be hazardous. [. . . ] Cut with the tip of the line Make sure to park the lines in holding slots (Figure P) before removing. Per facilitare il raffreddamento del battery pack dopo l’uso, evitare di posizionare il caricatore o il battery pack in un ambiente caldo come ad esempio in un capannone di metallo, o un rimorchio non isolato. Använd inte apparaten med andra tillbehör än de som rekommenderas i den här bruksanvisningen och inte heller till andra användningsområden eftersom det kan leda till personskador. Returnera det till ett servicecenter eller lämna det till batteriinsamlingen Varm/kall fördröjning När laddaren upptäcker ett batteri som är överdrivet hett eller överdrivet kallt, kommer den automatiskt att starta en varm/kall fördröjning och avbryta laddningen tills batteriet har nått en lämplig temperatur. [. . . ]


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