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[. . . ] CD time (elapsed time) Brief indication of functional changes Clock display Indicates DSC mode is active. Graphic representation of the adjusted volume level. Serves as display and entry field during DSC programming Miscellaneous indicates new source (e. g. when changing from radio to cassette) 3 c- Contents Display . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Deleting all of the radio station names1 2 Setting the TIMER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] If a CD changer is connected, the c%% symbol will light up in the display. The changer is equipped with a magazine for 10 discs. Switching to the CD changer mode Make sure that at least one CD has been inserted into the magazine. l Press SRC to change the audio source: Press SRC repeatedly until the CD functions appear in the display. h I v CD selection A UP V Down The CD number being played will appear in the display. Ejecting a CD Inserting a CD Insert one or several CDs into the magazine (printed surface facing up). The CDs are counted from bottom to top. Note: Open the door of the CD changer and press the eject button. Selecting a track CD playback l Use only perfectly circular CDs with a diameter of 12 cm!CDs with a diameter of 8 cm or CDs manufactured in the shape of a mug, for example, are not suitable for use with this equipment. Using such CDs can very likely result in the destruction of the CD and the CD drive. t We assume no responsibility for damages caused by using unsuitable CDs. After you have inserted the magazine, keep the door of the magazine closed to prevent contamination. Press SRC repeatedly until "CHANGER" appears in the display. CD playback starts with the first CD identified by the changer. >> Up: Press briefly. (When at start of first track, unit goes to last track on same disc. ) REVIEW - fast reverse (audible): Hold button down. Selecting a CD When CD playback starts, all active CD functions and the CD number will light up in the display. To change the display between CD number and elapsed time, press 0 during CD playback. << Press the button repeatedly to skip several tracks. Press the << z=> buttons of the rocker switch to change the settings and exit the current mode. Confirm the setting you have selected by pressing the DSC button. The cursor will flash at the current position. If you want to enter a blank, select the dash . I, I, _. . Press DSC to store the message. Press DSC again to quit the DSC mode. If you want to change the message, select L TOM in the DSC mode and overwrite it in the edit mode. If you want to change just a few of the letters, press cc I >> to move the cursor to the corresponding position and change that character only. A / V Select function C-Z >> Adpst/recall setting 16 LOUDNESS Loudness boosts the bass frequencies at low volume. To switch between 12 and 24-hour clock display. TIMER 2 You can also program the unit to go to a second station at a programmed time. Press <c >> to adjust the turn-on volume as desired. SCANTIME Use this function to set the scan time for the radio or CD changer from 5 to 20 seconds. Select AUX-ON if you wish to connect a portable CD or tape player instead of the CD changer. Contact your dealer for more information about the required adapter cable (7 607 897 093), which is sold separately. Display indications on or off with the car radio turned off. ON VOL . AUX TOM ON/OFF Turn-on message. STA NAME You can enter a message of up to 40 characters which appears in the display when you switch the unit on. To change the volume of the acknowledgement tone (beep) between 0 and 9. [. . . ] 6 Aux Input If a changer is not connected, you can connect portable audio equipment to your receiver by purchasing Blaupunkt accessory harness 7 607 897 093. It includes a 2-meter aux-in cable with a 3. 5 mm male plug for direct insert into your portable equipment. WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL (Colorado CM 168, Nevada RDM 168, & Alaska RDM 168 only) This receiver's most-frequently used features can be conveniently controlled from the steering wheel with Blaupunkt's unique Thummer III Steering-Wheel Remote Control. (Availableseparately. ) The Thummer III includes a receiving "eye" that can be placed virtually anywhere on the dash, which connects into the center top block on the back of the receiver. GB4 INSTALLATION INSTUCTIONS Recommendations l l . l l Carefully choose the mounting location so that the receiver won't interfere with normal driving. [. . . ]


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