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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Grasp the front panel as shown below and remove it from the unit. Features · Detachable front panel · Built-in power amplifier (max. output : 45W × 4ch) · Digital 12-hour quartz clock · FM/AM PLL synthesizer tuner · 30 Station preset memory · Auto Store / Scan tuning · 2-ch preamp output Handling Compact Discs · Be careful when removing a compact disc after the playback is completed because the disc may be extremely hot. · Do not expose compact discs to direct sunlight or any direct heat source. · Check all compact discs before playing, and discard cracked, scratched or warped discs. [. . . ] Press the PWR 9 (Full left) 9 (Full front) 9 (Full right) 9 (Full rear) to turn on the unit. Muting the Sound Briefly press while the receiver is on. on the display While muting the sound, the MUTE indicator is blinking. To restore the previous volume level, press PWR FADER MUTE LEVEL F (-80) (-0) Press the DISP and hold 2 seconds to start. (The blinking section can be adjusted. ) / : Adjust the Hour and minute : To activate Hour blink : To activate Minute blink Press the DISP You can check the each level visually with the indicators in the display window. Center level mark Loudness Effect When listening to music at low volume levels, this feature will boost the extremes of the bass and treble ranges to compensate for the negative characteristics of human hearing. BALANCE FADER 4. to activate the clock. Ignition-off Clock Call The display will illuminate showing the time and then automatically shut off after 5 seconds. Briefly press the DISP while the ignition switch is in the " OFF " position to activate. Display Selector Each time the DISP is pressed, the display window will change as shown below; · Radio mode Frequency and Clock. · CD mode Elapsed track time and clock. E-3 ENGLISH 1. Radio Reception Seek Tuning ENGLISH Preset Scan Tuning 1. 2. Press the AM Receiving the Memorized Stations to select the desired radio band. 1. Press the AM or FM to select the desired band. FM I § FM II § FM III or AM I § AM II Press the or to tune in stations. When tuning to FM stereo broadcasting stations, the " stereo indicator will light up in the display window. Do not attempt to use 3-inch CD singles in this unit, either with or without an adaptor, as damage to the player and/or disc may occur. The unit will turn-on automatically when a CD is inserted if the ignition switch is ``ON''. MIX Play Press the 4/MIX during CD mode. Press the 4/MIX again to cancel this feature. Playing a CD in various modes Track Search Press the or during CD mode. Press again to play the previous track. Tip/FYI During playback of a CD, the pie-shaped indicator spins. Cue / Review Press and hold the or during CD mode. : To search backward. E-5 Installations Supplied Mounting Hardware ENGLISH Mounting Example Installation in the dashboard. Bushing Use * 3. 1. Sleeve Bushing, Screw Locking Mounting Strap Release Screw and Screws Keys Install the sleeve in the dashboard. As shown in the figure below, securely fasten the screw, which has been inserted into the bushing, at the rear of the unit. Fire wall Removal trim ring (Supplied) Precautions · Be sure to remove/detach the front panel before you start installing the unit. · Choose the mounting location carefully so that the unit will not interfere with the normal driving operations of the driver. · Use only the supplied mounting hardware for a safe and secure installation. · When mounting the unit in a car, keep the unit as level as possible. If the unit must be mounted at an angle, due to the design of the vehicle, make sure that the unit does not tilt upward by more than 30°. 2. Select and bend the appropriate tabs to hold the sleeve firmly in place. The distance to the fire wall varies due to the type of the car. Be sure to secure the unit by properly inserting the bushing. Mounting Strap Use * Caution Insufficient fastening of the screw may cause some CD's to skip. 3. Attaching the Mounting Strap to the underside of the dash board, using screw. [. . . ] If the display window is not properly shown or the unit malfunctions, press the reset button with the point of a sharp object such as a ball-point pen. E-8 Reset button Troubleshooting Guide The following check will assist in the correction of most problems which you may encounter with your unit. Before going through the check list below, refer back to the connection and operating procedures. Specifications CD Player Troubleshooting When problems occur with CD playback, an error message appears in the display window. Refer to the table below to identify the problem, then take the suggested corrective action. Under normal temperature conditions, eject and insert clean, undamaged disc properly. [. . . ]


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