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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Radio / CD Acapulco MP52 US version Operating instructions http://www. blaupunkt. com Open here Ouvrir s. v. p. Por favor, abrir Favor abrir 2 1 2 3 4 16 15 5 6 14 7 8 9 13 12 11 10 3 PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL FRANÇAIS ENGLISH CONTROLS 1 2 3 4 button - unlatches the flip/ release panel Volume control Button - switches the radio and mute function on/off RDS button, to switch the RDS function on/off (Radio Data System). FM button, to select the FM radio mode source and select the FM memory banks TS, to start the Travelstore function Display (display field) DIS, change display contents button - indicates the time on the display MENU button - selects the menu for basic settings 9 : ; < = button - opens the flip/release panel Arrow-key block OK button - confirms menu entries and starts the scan function DEQ button (digital equalizer) switches the equalizer on/off AUDIO button - adjusts bass, treble, X-BASS, balance and fader Key block 1 - 6 AM button, to select the AM radio mode source and select the AM memory banks SRC button - selects between CD, MP3, CD changer/Compact Drive MP3 (if connected) and AUX sources 5 > ? 6 7 @ 8 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS Notes and accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Selecting the waveband / memory bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] Press the button : repeatedly until "CD TEXT" appears on the display. Switch on the CD text function by pressing the buttons : ("CD TEXT ON") or off ("CD TEXT OFF"). Press the MENU button 8. Use the buttons : to select "CD NAME". When you have completed the setting procedure, press the MENU button 8 or OK ;. Press the or button :. 17 CD MODE Removing a CD Press the button 9. The flip/release panel opens to the front and the CD is ejected. MP3 MODE MP3 mode You can also use this car radio for playing CD-Rs and CD-RWs containing MP3 music files. MP3 is a process developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for compressing CD audio data. Compression allows data to be reduced to around 10% of their original size without a noticeable loss in quality (at a bit rate of 128 Kbit/s). If a lower bit rate is used to convert CD audio data to MP3, you can create smaller files but there will be a loss in quality. Carefully remove the CD and close the flip/release panel. Preparing the MP3-CD The various combinations of CD burners, CD burning software and CD blanks may lead to problems arising with the ability to play certain CDs. If problems occur with your own burned CDs, you should try another brand of CD blank or choose another blank colour. Best results are achieved with CD blanks that provide 74 minutes of playing time. If you write more than one session to the CD, only the first session will be detected. Each directory can in turn contain up to 255 tracks and subdirectories that can also be accessed. A maximum of 8 levels of directories are allowed. 18 MP3 MODE manually. "001", "002", etc. ) in front of each file name - the leading zeros must also be included. MP3 tracks can contain addition information such as the artist, track and album names (ID3 tags). When creating (encoding) MP3 files from audio files, you should use bit rates up to a maximum of 256 kB/sec. Only MP3 files with the ". MP3" file extension can be played on this device. Note: To ensure uninterrupted playback, do not attempt to change the file extension to ". MP3" of any files other than MP3 files and then attempt to play them! Do not use "mixed" CDs containing both non-MP3 data and MP3 tracks. Do not use mix-mode CDs containing both audio tracks and MP3 tracks. ENGLISH PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL FRANÇAIS D01 D02 D03 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T006 D04 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T006 T007 T008 T009 T010 T011 Each directory can be named using a PC. The software's operating instructions will provide details on how to do this. Note: When naming directories and tracks you should avoid using special characters. If you like your files to be in the correct order, you should use burner software that places files in alphanumerical order. If your software does not provide this feature, you can also sort the files Switching to MP3 mode MP3 mode is activated in the same way as normal CD mode. For further details, please read the section entitled "Switching to CD mode / Inserting a CD" in the "CD mode" chapter. Selecting a directory To move up or down to another directory, press the or several times. button : once or 19 MP3 MODE Note: Any directories not containing MP3 files will be skipped automatically. [. . . ] - La sección transversal del cable positivo y del cable negativo no debe ser menor de 1, 5 mm2. - ¡No conecte a la radio los conectores ubicados en el vehículo!- Los cables adaptadores necesarios para su vehículo los encontrará en el comercio especializado en artículos de la marca BLAUPUNKT. - Dependiendo del modelo, es posible que su vehículo varíe un poco con respecto a la descripción aquí dada. [. . . ]


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