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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT ACAPULCO MP54

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Radio / CD / MP3 Acapulco MP54 US Casablanca MP54 US Operating instructions 7 644 275 310 7 644 295 310 http://www. blaupunkt. com Open here 2 1 16 2 15 3 17 4 14 5 13 12 6 11 10 9 7 8 3 SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH DEUTSCH DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL CONTROLS 1 Button to switch the device on/ off and operate the volume mute feature button to open the flip-release control panel RDS button to switch the RDS function on/off (Radio Data System). FM button to select FM radio mode as the source and select the FM memory banks. TS to start the Travelstore function Volume control Keys 1 - 3 Arrow buttons DIS·ESC button to change the display content and close menus. Keys 4 - 6 Display AM button to select AM radio mode as the source and select the AM memory banks. [. . . ] You can also eject CDs whilst the device is switched off or whilst another audio source is activated. Preparing an MP3-CD The various combinations of CD burners, CD burning software and CD blanks may lead to problems arising with the device's ability to play certain CDs. If problems occur with your own burned CDs, you should try another brand of CD blank or choose another colour of CD blank. To avoid problems when playing CDs, you should not burn CDs at speeds greater than 16-speed. Regardless of the number of directories on the CD, the device can handle up to 65, 535 MP3 files on a single CD - even if they are all stored in one directory. 22 MP3 MODE This device supports as many subdirectories as your burner software can create despite the fact that the maximum directory depth defined by the ISO 9660 standard is only 8. Note: When naming directories and tracks/files you should avoid using accents and special characters. You can use a maximum of 32 characters (including the ". MP3" file extension) for track names and directory names. If you like your files to be in the correct order, you should use burner software that places files in alphanumerical order. If your software does not provide this feature you also have the option of sorting the files manually. "001", "002", etc. ) at the beginning of each file name - you must include the leading zeros. MP3 tracks can contain additional information such as the artist, album and track names (ID3 tags). When creating (encoding) MP3 files from audio files, you should use bit rates up to a maximum of 256 kbits/sec. This device can only play MP3 files that have the ". MP3" file extension. Notes: To ensure uninterrupted playback, do not try changing the file extension to ". MP3" of any files other than MP3 files and then attempt to play them! Do not use "mixed" CDs containing both non-MP3 data and MP3 tracks (the device only reads MP3 files during MP3 playback). 23 DEUTSCH DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH D01 D02 D03 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T006 D04 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T006 T007 T008 T009 T010 T011 D i r e c t o r i e s T r a c k s ¥ F i l e s You can name each directory using a PC. The software's instruction manual will provide details on how to do this. MP3 MODE Do not use mix-mode CDs containing both CD-audio tracks and MP3 tracks. If you try playing a mixmode CD, the device will only play the CD-audio tracks. Switching to MP3 mode MP3 mode is activated in the same way as normal CD mode. For further information, please read the section entitled "Switching to CD mode" in the "CD mode" chapter. Note: You can use MP3 browse mode to find MP3 files on your CD quickly and conveniently. You cannot use the fast search, MIX, SCAN or REPEAT functions whilst in MP3 browse mode. "TRACK AND DIR MODE": First line: Track number and playing time. "CLOCK MODE": First line: Directory number and track number. Second line: CD text or CD name and clock time To switch between the different display options, Configuring the display Configuring the default display You can display various types of information on the current track: 1. [. . . ] Press the or button 7 repeatedly until "USER COLOR" appears in the display. Press the or button 7 repeatedly until "DISPLAY MENU" appears in the display. Press the OK button :. The menu for mixing your own colour is displayed. The top line displays "R", "G" and "B" with the current values. 39 ADJUSTING THE DISPLAY SETTINGS Press the or button 7 repeatedly until the setting that you want is displayed. Mixing the button illumination colour (only Acapulco MP54) You can mix your own button/key illumination colour using the two primary colours red and green. Press the or button 7 to move the selection marker to the position after the other colours. Press the Adjust the other colour components to suit your preferences. [. . . ]


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