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[. . . ] 9 lo·m lo (local) - To alter the seek tuning sensitivity during radio operation. If "lo" is displayed, the radio will only pick up strong, local stations (normal sensitivity). If "lo" does not light up, the radio will also pick up weaker, distant stations (high sensitivity). To toggle the function: Press lo·m briefly during radio operation. FF :Fast forward; stop by pressing FF. [. . . ] - Press the TA button twice; the display shows "2520". Now the security coding system is active. The display will briefly show "C" each time the set is turned on. If the display shows "CODE ERR", you have entered a wrong code. Re-enter the correct code after the waiting time ("CODE" will appear in the display). If you switch off the set while it is blocked, the waiting time will start anew as soon as the radio is turned on again. CODE LED To indicate that your unit is equipped with security coding, the LED flashes for extra security when the car is stationary. Re-start following an interruption of the power supply (coding system is activated) · · Turn on the radio. Enter the code number given in the Blaupunkt car radio passport and confirm (see example under "Switching on security coding"). The unit is now ready for use. PORTUGUÊS 17 ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO Now enter the code number to be found in the car radio passport and confirm (see example under "Switching on security coding. "). Security coding is now switched off. FRANÇAIS ENGLISH - Press the TS button once; the display shows "2521". To confirm the code number: Press the > button. Switching off security coding · Turn off the radio. DEUTSCH Radio operation with RDS (Radio Data System) The Radio Data System offers you more convenience when listening to FM radio stations. More and more radio stations have begun to broadcast RDS information alongside their programmes. As soon as a programme has been identified, the station name including a regional identifier, if applicable, will appear in the display, for example, NDR1 NDS (regional programme in Lower Saxony, Germany). You now know exactly which programme you have tuned into, making it easy to find the desired station quickly. But RDS offers you further advantages: switching on the radio or recalling one of the stored frequencies, the unit is automatically searching for an alternative frequency. "SEARCH" will disappear from the display when the alternative frequency has been found or after the frequency band has been run through completely. If the reception quality of the selected programme becomes too poor: · Tune into another station. Press the AF button for approximately 2 seconds until "REG OFF" appears. When active, "REG ON" will be briefly displayed each time the radio is switched on. · Selecting a station With this car radio you can receive FM stations from 87. 5 to 108 MHz. Using the buttons there are two different ways to tune into a station: Automatic tuning Prerequisite: "AF" and "m" do not light up in the display, i. e. the Alternative Frequency function and manual tuning are switched off. Use the AF and lo·m buttons (lo, m, -, lo) to adjust the respective modes. [. . . ] To switch the warning beep off, proceed as described above. Inserting a tape · · Turn on the set. Insert a tape. Mechanism/cassette tapes To avoid possible problems, you should not use cassette tapes longer than 60 or 90 minutes (C60/C90). Store your tapes in a cool place away from dirt, dust and temperatures exceeding 50 ° Celsius. Allow very cold tapes to warm up before playing them in order to avoid uneven tape transport. [. . . ]


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