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[. . . ] Use as directed This car sound system is intended for installation and operation in a vehicle with 12 V vehicle system voltage and must be installed in a DIN slot. Repairs and installation, if necessary, should be performed by a specialist. Installation instructions You may only install the car sound system yourself if you are experienced in installing car sound systems and are very familiar with the electrical system of the vehicle. For this purpose, observe the installation instructions at the end of these instructions. [. . . ] The demo mode shows the functions of the car sound system as scrolling text on the display. You can turn the demo mode on or off: u Switch off the car sound system if it is not already turned off. The display briefly shows "DEMO MODE" if you switched on the demo mode. By pressing any button, the demo mode is interrupted and you can operate the device. In the tuner region "EUROPE", an FM station can identify traffic reports by means of an RDS signal. If priority for traffic announcements is switched on, a traffic announcement is automatically switched through, even if the car sound system is currently not in radio mode. To switch the priority on and off, please read the section "Performing settings in the user menu", "TRAF" menu item in the chapter "User settings". Regional (REG): At certain times, some radio stations divide their programme into regional programmes providing different content. If the REG function is activated, the car sound system changes only to those alternate frequencies on which the same regional programme is being broadcast. To switch the RDS or REG function on or off, please read the section "Performing settings in the user menu" in the chapter "User settings" (menu items "RDS", "REG"). U Press the SRC button ; repeatedly until "TUNER" is displayed: The current memory bank appears once as scrolling text on the display. The following memory banks are available in the different tuner regions: Region EUROPE USA THAI S AMERICA Memory banks FM1, FM2, FMT, MW, LW FM1, FM2, FMT, AM, AMT FM1, FM2, FMT, AM FM1, FM2, FMT, AM, AMT Many FM stations broadcast an RDS (Radio Data System) signal in addition to their programme in the tuner region "EUROPE" that allows the following additional functions: · The car sound system recognises traffic announcements and news broadcasts and can automatically switch them through in any operating mode (e. U Press the button / 7 repeatedly until the desired memory bank is displayed. There are various ways of tuning into a station: Tuning into stations manually u Briefly press the button / 7 once or several times to change the frequency in increments, or long to quickly change the frequency. Note: For the tuner region "EUROPE": In the FM waveband, the next station of the broadcasting network is automatically tuned into if the RDS function is switched on. notes: · For the tuner region "EUROPE": In the FM waveband, only traffic information stations are tuned into if the priority for traffic information ( ) is switched on. Note: For radio mode, you can adjust the scan time for each station (see the ch. With Travelstore, you can automatically search for and store the 5 FM stations offering the strongest reception in the region in one memory bank, Any previously stored stations in this memory bank are deleted in the process. In the tuner regions "EUROPE" and "THAI", you can store 5 FM stations in the FMT memory bank with Travelstore. In the tuner regions "USA" and "S AMERICA", you can also store 5 AM stations in the AMT memory bank. The tuner starts the automatic station seek tuning; the display shows "FM TSTORE" or "AM TSTORE". After the storing is completed, the radio plays the station at memory location 1 of the FMT or AMT level. [. . . ] You can obtain the adapter cable required for your vehicle type from any BLAUPUNKT dealer. ⷠDepending on the model, your vehicle may differ from the description provided here. We accept no responsibility for any damages due to incorrect installation or connection or for any consequential damages. If the information provided here is not suitable for your specific installation requirements, please contact your Blaupunkt dealer, your vehicle manufacturer or our telephone hotline. [. . . ]


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