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[. . . ] Warns about damaging the CD drive The CE mark confirms the compliance with EU directives. Observe the following notes about road safety: · Use your device in such a way that you can always safely control your vehicle. In case of doubt, stop at a suitable location and operate your device while the vehicle is standing. ⷠRemove or attach the control panel only while the vehicle is standing an. [. . . ] Note: The car sound system automatically switches off as soon as the control panel is removed. Use the return and collection systems available to dispose of the old device. The scope of delivery includes: 1 Car sound system 1 Operating/installation instructions 1 Case for the control panel 1 Support frame 1 Set of small parts 2 Connecting cables 1 Handheld remote control This car sound system is designed for operation in different regions with different frequency ranges and station technologies. If you operate the car sound system outside of Europe, you may first have to set a suitable tuner region: u Switch off the car sound system if it is not already turned off. Adjusting the volume You can adjust the volume in steps from 0 (off ) to 50 (maximum). Note: If a telephone or navigation system is connected with the car sound system as described in the installation instructions, the car sound system is muted in case of a telephone call or navigation announcement so that you can hear the playback of the telephone or navigation system undisturbed. Muting the car sound system (Mute) You can quickly reduce the volume to a preset level. u Briefly press the On/Off button 3 to mute the car sound system or to reactivate the previous volume. U To switch off the device, press and hold down the On/Off button 3 for longer than 2 seconds. Note: If you switch on the car sound system while the vehicle ignition is switched off, it automatically switches off after 1 hour to preserve the vehicle battery. Switching on/off via vehicle ignition The car sound system will switch off/on simultaneously with the ignition if the device is correctly connected to the vehicle's ignition as shown in the installation instructions and you did not switch the device off by pressing the On/Off button 3. Note: For the tuner region "EUROPE": If the priority for traffic information is switched on ( ), only traffic information stations are stored. The scan function is used to scan every receivable station of the current waveband. 2 seconds to start the scan, or long to continue playing the currently set station. During the scan, the display alternately displays "SCAN" and the current frequency as well as memory bank or station name. U Press the DISP/ESC button < to change between these two displays: Display ABCDEF or FM1 102. This car sound system can be used to play audio CDs (CDDA) and CD-R/RWs with audio, MP3 or WMA files. Noncircular contoured CDs (shape CDs) and CDs with a diameter of 8 cm (mini CDs) must not be used. We accept no responsibility for any damage to the CD drive that may occur as a result of the use of unsuitable CDs. notes: · To ensure proper functioning, use only CDs with the Compact-Disc logo. Note the following information when preparing an MP3/WMA data carrier: · Wma" (if more characters are used, the number of tracks and folders that are recognisable by the car sound system is reduced) ­ No umlauts or special characters · WMA files only without Digital Rights Management (DRM) and created with Windows Media Player version 8 or later The respective audio source can be selected only if a corresponding CD is inserted or a corresponding device is connected. ⷠIf the car sound system first has to read the data of a connected device or data carrier before the playback, the display shows "READING". [. . . ] The use of straight plugs or adapters leads to an increased risk of injury. As soon as an external audio source, such as a portable CD/MiniDisc or MP3 player is connected to the Front-AUX-IN socket, it can be selected with the SRC button ;. 15 seconds after the last button activation and you are returned to the display of the current audio source. Note: In 12-hour mode (12H MODE), an "A" is displayed after the time for the time before noon or a "P" for the time after noon. [. . . ]


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