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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT BLUETOOTH VOLKSWAGEN

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[. . . ] Zubehör / Accessories Bluetooth-/USB-Interface VW / Audi mit / with PTT mit / with OLED-Display (optional) 7 607 545 550 7 607 548 500 PTT optional www. blaupunkt. com Connection / Anschluss Fakra Microphone BLA UPU NKT OLED (not included) PTT (Push to talk) - key GROUND Pin9 (Fakra) Pin 2 (ISO) Blu th oo et oder/or GROUND 10 Radio Mute Pin9 (Fakra) USB socket (Memory stick not included) Fakra AK 7 607 001 539 AK 7 607 001 543 Phone Mute 2 Phone Mute Connection / Anschluss ISO PTT (Push to talk) - key Microphone BLA UPU NKT OLED (not included) 10 10 Blu th oo et oder/or GROUND 7 135 2 68 Pin 2 (ISO) USB socket (Memory stick not included) ISO Audi D C3 Microphone A BLA UPU NKT PTT (Push to talk) - key OLED (not included) 7 607 001 540 GROUND th oo et Blu oder/or Pin 9 Pin 9 USB socket (Memory stick not included) 3 Technical Data / Technische Daten Bluetooth Supported Bluetooth profiles Unterstützte Bluetooth-Profile Certifications Standards USB MP3-USB-Bitrate MP3 Meta Data Playlist Data Structure Temperature range Temperaturbereich USB voltage / current strength USB-Spannung / -Stromstärke Power Supply Spannungsversorgung Dimensions (inch) Abmessungen (mm) Weight Gewicht 1. 2 (compatible with 1. x) HFP, SPP, GAP, SDAP. AADP (A2DP), AVRCP e1, CE, FCC, Bluetooth Version 2. 0 (full speed), (compatible with 1. x) Mass Storage Device Class max. 48 kHz sample rate ID3 v1, v2 (ISO8859-1 and ASCII), max. 32char Title, Album, Artist M3U format supported, Latin-1 char set, see e. g. 64000 files and directories, up to 16 directory levels - 40° C . . . [. . . ] During the MP3 playback, the OLED display shows additional information from the MP3 files ("ID3 tags"). In the Settings menu, you can select different views and configurations for this purpose. If ID3 tags to be displayed should not be filled out in MP3 files (e. g. no track), the note "No Track" is displayed. The currently played MP3 file is preselected and identified with "->". You scroll through the list entries by turning the rotary button left or right. A list entry is a subdirectory or a playlist: · Pressing on the rotary button opens the subdirectory or the playlist. List entry is MP3 file: Pressing on the rotary button end the current playback and starts the playback of the selected file. With the up/down radio buttons, you reach the next/previous directory or playlist according to the memory order on the USB memory device. Note: The browsing mode is exited automatically 30 seconds after the last button or rotary button activation or manually with a long press on the red phone button. Browsing (OLED) During the MP3 playback from the USB medium, press the rotary button to reach the Browsing mode. It allows you a convenient navigation through the directories of your music collection on the USB medium. While selecting a new song, the currently played song continues being played. "Please wait" indicates that new list entries are being searched. The displayed 3-line list contains all the subdirectories, playlists and MP3 files in the currently used directory of your USB memory. Tip: (OLED or PTT) The convenient navigation through your USB file structure allows you to clearly organise your music data and quickly access the data. However, a large number of directories, particularly on large USB hard disks, slow down access to your music data. As an alternative, try to organise your music collection via playlists (M3U playlists, for format see http://de. wikipedia. org/wiki/ M3U). 31 Folder management / Structure on USB removable data carrier Default Mode Default Mode (see Settings menu) is factory set with the following properties: · Direct selection of up to 6 directories with CD selection buttons on the radio · Playback of up to 99 tracks from each of these directories · Use of playlists (with OLED display only) Please prepare your USB memory as follows for this purpose: u Create a folder called Blaupunkt. u Create 6 subfolders in this folder called "CD01" to "CD06". u In every subfolder ("CD0x"), you can manage up to 99 tracks / pieces of music. It is also possible to manage more than 99 music files, but then the display of the track number can no longer be uniquely associated with the music file. Let's assume that the USB drive is U: · U:\Blaupunkt\ Playlists (can only be used with OLED display!) · U:\Blaupunkt\CD01 containing up to 99 MP3 files · U:\Blaupunkt\CD02 containing up to 99 MP3 files · U:\Blaupunkt\CD03 containing up to 99 MP3 files · U:\Blaupunkt\CD04 containing up to 99 MP3 files · U:\Blaupunkt\CD05 containing up to 99 MP3 files · U:\Blaupunkt\CD06 containing up to 99 MP3 files Extended Mode If you connected an OLED display (7607 548 500) to your interface, you can alternately activate the Extended Mode with the following properties via the Settings menu: · Use of any directory structure on up to 16 directory levels · No limitation for the Blaupunkt directory and the names CD01 . . . CD06 · More than 99 tracks possible in every directory · Playlists possible in all directories Operation and display on your radio are then limited to · No direct selection of directories · Track display of 01 to 99 · No direct assignment of displayed track number to music file The Settings menu can be used again to activate the Default Mode, if needed. Notes: After changing between Default and Extended Mode, you should turn your car sound system off and on again, so that all the changes also take effect in your radio. In radios with integrated CD changer, the CD count for the interface begins after the maximal internal CD number. [. . . ] Notes: · If the progress indicator stops before the end of the loading process, disconnect the USB data carrier and reconnect it to the USB cable of the interface. · If the time "00:00" is displayed at the end of the loading process, an error occurred. The new software is now activated. Reading out technical data During the update, two files with information about the interface and the update process are created in the "Blaupunkt" directory of the USB data carrier. Both files can be opened and read on a computer using a plain text editor: · The "id. txt" file contains information about the status of the interface, e. g. [. . . ]


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