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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT CDC-A03 CHANGER

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[. . . ] Changer CDC A03 7 607 700 020 Operating and installation instructions http://www. blaupunkt. com Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please read these operating instructions before using the equipment for the first time. The Blaupunkt editors are constantly working on making the operating instructions clearer and easier to understand. [. . . ] We do not accept liability for any damages caused by mistakes made during installation or when making connections or for any consequential damages. If these instructions are not suitable for your particular installation, please contact your Blaupunkt dealer, your vehicle manufacturer or our telephone hotline. 10 OPERATION Loading the disc magazine DEUTSCH DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH Operation Tab In order to load the disc magazine, first place it in the position shown (arrow uppermost). Make sure that you never insert the disc trays at a slant. Note: You must not use 8 cm discs. Protect your CDs against getting smudged by finger prints and against damage. CDs rest loosely on the CD trays - for this reason please make sure that the CDs do not slide off and fall when you remove the CD trays. Although you do not have to fill all the disc trays with CDs, the trays must nevertheless all be inserted in the magazine. Inserting the disc magazine Slide the door to the very right. Disc Tray EJECT Insert one disc per tray whilst making sure that the disc's printed side is uppermost. Insert the disc tray containing the CD fully into the magazine (it clicks into place). You do not have to insert CDs into all the disc trays. Insert the magazine with the arrow side uppermost and slide it in until it clicks into place. 11 OPERATION Notes regarding moisture build-up Condensation may build up on the laser optics during rainy weather or as a result of differences in temperature. If this is the case, remove the CDs and wait for approximately one hour until the moisture has evaporated. Notes regarding CDs Dirty or damaged CDs can lead to disruptions in the sound. In order to ensure audio quality is maintained, please observe the following: q Keep CDs clean and only hold them by their edges!q If necessary, clean CDs before playing them using a special cleaning cloth that can be obtained from retail outlets. q Never use solvents like petroleum spirit, thinners, anti-static sprays or cleaning agents for vinyl records!q Shaped CDs (not round, virtual) or CDs with a diameter of 8 cm (with or without an adapter ring) must not be played in this device. q CDs with adhesive labels stuck to them must not be used! EJEC T Slide the door to the very left. Note: Always keep the door of the CD changer closed. This ensures that the laser optics inside the CD changer are protected from dust and dirt. Ejecting the disc magazine Eject EJEC T EJECT Slide the door to the very right and press the button (eject). [. . . ] Left side 0° ­ 5° 0 DEUTSCH Angle adjustment switches Vertical installation FRANÇAIS 0 90 Right side 0 45 85° ­ 90° 90 Horizontal installation 0 45 < or 40° ­ 50° 0 15 DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS 90 ITALIANO 45 ENGLISH 45 90 45 90 INSTALLATION Suspended installation CONNECTION Connection Connection to a car sound system equipped with a disc management system 0° ­ 5° 0 45 90 5m 5A 3A brown Ground per. +12V Kl. 30 Battery red Subject to changes!16 Service-Nummern / Service numbers / Numéros du service aprèsvente / Numeri del servizio di assistenza / Servicenummers / Telefonnummer för service / Números de servicio / Número de serviço / Servicenumre Country: Germany Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Great Britain Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Czech. Hungary Poland Turkey USA Brasil (Mercosur) (D) (A) (B) (DK) (FIN) (F) (GB) (GR) (IRL) (I) (L) (NL) (N) (P) (E) (S) (CH) (CZ) (H) (PL) (TR) Phone: 0180-5000225 01-610 390 02-525 5454 44 898 360 09-435 991 01-4010 7007 01-89583 8880 210 57 85 350 01-4149400 02-369 6331 40 4078 023-565 6348 66-817 000 01-2185 00144 902-120234 08-7501500 01-8471644 02-6130 0441 01-333 9575 0800-118922 0212-3350677 Fax: 05121-49 4002 01-610 393 91 02-525 5263 44-898 644 09-435 99236 01-4010 7320 01-89583 8394 210 57 69 473 01-4598830 02-369 6464 40 2085 023-565 6331 66-817 157 01-2185 11111 916-467952 08-7501810 01-8471650 02-6130 0514 01-324 8756 022-8771260 0212-3460040 708-6817188 WWW: http://www. blaupunkt. com (USA) 800-2662528 (BR) +55-19 3745 2769 +55-19 3745 2773 +604-6413 640 Malaysia (Asia Pacific) (MAL) +604-6382 474 Blaupunkt GmbH 09/03 CM/PSS 8 622 403 569 [. . . ]


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