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[. . . ] Radio / CD COACH CRC 41 Operating instructions Bitte aufklappen Open here Ouvrir s. v. p. Öppna Åpne Avaa tästä Lütfen katl sayfay aç z. n 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 17 7 8 16 15 14 9 10 11 12 13 3 SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL FRANÇAIS ENGLISCH DEUTSCH TÜRKÇE SUOMI NORGE 2 Infrared receiver for the IR remote control (option) 3 Volume control 4 ON button, switches the unit on/off, mute 5 RDS button, switches the RDS convenience features on/off Selects display for variable text 6 M·L button, selects the MW and LW wavebands 7 Eject cassette 8 Cassette compartment 9 FR button, fast rewind : FF button, fast forward ?MENU button, opens the basic settings menu @ Keypad 1 - 5 A TRAFFIC button, activates/deactivates traffic information standby B Display 25 TÜRKÇE SUOMI NORGE SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO PORTUGUÊS > Multifunction rocker switch ESPAÑOL = AUDIO button, sets bass and treble, switches loudness function on and off FRANÇAIS < SRC button, source selection between cassette and radio - CD changer (if connected) ENGLISCH 1 FMT button, selects the FM memory levels, starts the TravelStore function ; GEO button, sets balance and fader, resets balance of tone and volume settings DEUTSCH OPERATING ELEMENTS CONTENTS Important information . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] Press or > repeatedly until "REG" appears in the display B. "OFF" or "ON" will appear next to "REG". Switching to the radio mode If you are currently using the Cassette or the CD changer, Press or on. or > to switch REG off press SRC < repeatedly until "RADIO" appears in the display B. Press MENU ?. Note: When the REG function is activated, the radio will try to pick up the regional programme of the station you have tuned into for as long as possible. Once you leave the station reception range, you should switch REG off. Special RDS functions (AF, REG) The special RDS functions for AF (Alternativ Frequency) and REG (Regional) enhance the performance of your car audio system. AF: If this RDS function is activated, the car audio system continuously searches in the background for the frequency with the best reception for the station you have tuned into. REG: A number of radio stations broadcast different regional programming at different times of the day. Use REG to prevent your car audio system from tuning into alternativ frequencies which might have different programming. Note: It is necessary to activate/deactivate REG in the menu. Selecting wavebands/memory banks Using this car audio system, you can tune into radio stations on the FM, MW and LW wavebands. There are three memory banks for the FM waveband and one memory bank each for MW and LW. You can store five stations in each of these memory banks. 34 Selecting the FM memory level To switch between the FM memory levels, press FMT 1. Selecting the MW or LW memory levels Press or >. memory levels, press M·L 6. Tuning into radio stations You can tune into radio stations in a number of different ways. Automatic seek tuning Paging through the broadcasting network (for FM only) If a radio broadcasting network has more than one station, you can page through the "station network". or The radio will tune into the next available station within reception range. Adjusting seek tuning sensitivity It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the seek tuning function to tune the radio into stations with strong reception signals only, or to those with weaker reception signals as well. "SENS" appears in the display B. "SENS DX1" indicates the highest level of sensitivity, "SENS LO3" the lowest. If you select "SENS LO", "lo" will light up in the display B. Storing radio stations manually Select the desired memory bank NORGE TÜRKÇE SUOMI FM1, FM2, FMT (for FM only) or either MW or LW. Tune the radio into the desired station. Press sensitivity. > to select the desired Press and hold down for longer than one second one of the station preset buttons 1 to 5 @ on which you want to store the radio station. Once you have made your selection, press MENU ?. 35 SVENSKA Press MENU ?. Press or > repeatedly until Storing radio stations NEDERLANDS Note: To take advantage of this function, you must have activated the RDS functions. It is only possible to tune into those stations which have been received once before already. To do this, start the TravelStore function or activate the automatic seek tuning function once for the entire waveband. ITALIANO PORTUGUÊS Press >. Press or > to tune into the next station in the network. ESPAÑOL FRANÇAIS To switch between the MW and LW Note: You cannot use manual tuning unless the RDS function are deactivated. ENGLISCH Manual station selection You can also tune into radio stations manually. DEUTSCH RADIO OPERATION RADIO OPERATION Storing radio stations automatically (TravelStore) You can automatically store the five radio stations with the strongest reception in your current reception area (for FM only). Note: Any stations stored previously in the memory bank will be deleted. As soon as the radio registers a radio station broadcasting the programme type selected, it will automatically switch from the station playing or the Cassette or CD changer mode to that station. Press or > repeatedly until "PTY ON" or "PTY OFF" appears in the display B. Press and hold down FMT 1 for longer than two seconds. After the stations have been stored, the radio will automatically begin to play the station stored on preset button 1 for the FMT memory bank. Recalling stored radio stations Press or > to switch this function either on or off. [. . . ] "RPT DISC" will appear briefly in the display B, RPT will light up in the display B. Stopping the REPEAT function To stop the REPEAT function for the current track or CD, press 3 (RPT) @ repeatedly until "RPT OFF" appears in the display B and RPT no longer lights up. Stopping the SCAN function To stop the SCAN function, press 5 (SCAN) @ briefly again. Adjusting the scan time selected CD in random order, press 4 (MIX) @ briefly. "MIX-CD" will appear briefly in the display B, MIX will light up in the display B. Press MENU ?. "MENU" will appear in the display B. Press tion, press MENU ? [. . . ]


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