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[. . . ] Radio / CD Operating instructions Florida RD 168 San Remo RD 168 1 PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISCH DEUTSCH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 2 The display consists of three fields and varies according to the operating mode and function. - Stereo - CD inserted LD - Loudness Radio mode AF - Alternative Frequency for RDS PTY - RDS programme type TA - Priority for traffic information TP - Traffic programme station lo - Seek tuning sensitivity CD mode RPT ­ Repeat function MIX ­ Tracks played at random 23 PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA DSC Permanent display for DSC programming. Graphic representation of the volume level selected. DSC Serves as display and input field during DSC programming Clock display Miscellaneous Indicates new source and the active functions (e. g. SCAN) NEDERLANDS Audio Numeric and graphic representation of the volume and audio settings ITALIANO CD mode Current track CD mode CD time (elapsed playback time), CD number and brief indication of function switch, Clock display FRANÇAIS Display field 1: Radio mode Memory banks and wavebands Brief indication of preset station (e. g. P1) Display field 2: Radio mode Radio frequency or station name PTY programme type Clock display Display field 3: Displays active functions ENGLISH DEUTSCH Display Contents Display . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] For more detailed information, refer to the section on "DSC programming - SCANTIME". 33 PORTUGUÊS You can automatically store the six FM stations with the most powerful signals in your current reception area sorted according to their signal strength. The six strongest FM stations will be automatically stored on the memory bank "T" (Travelstore). When this process has been completed, the name of the strongest station will appear in the display and begin to play. Scanning stations with Radio Scan You can scan through all of the stations in your reception area. To start the Scan function: · Press "SC" for approximately 2 seconds. The scanned frequency or the station name will start flashing in the display. During the scanning process "FM-SCAN" or "AM-SCAN" will light up in the display. Selecting the automatic tuning sensitivity You can alter the automatic tuning sensitivity. If "lo" is displayed, the radio will only pick up strong, local stations (low sensitivity). If "lo" does not light up, the radio will also pick up weaker, more distant stations. To switch the automatic tuning sensitivity and program the sensitivity level, refer to the section on "DSC programming ". ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS Storing stations with the strongest reception automatically with Travelstore ITALIANO FRANÇAIS If you want to continue listening to the station which is being scanned, then · Press "SC" briefly. If no station is selected, the scan function will switch off after the frequency band has run through. The station selected previously will resume play. ENGLISH DEUTSCH Switching between Stereo/Mono (FM) You can switch between Stereo/Mono in the "DSC" menu. The car audio system will select stereo automatically when it is switched on. When reception quality deteriorates, the system will switch to mono playback. Refer to the section on Stereo/Mono in "DSC" programming for information on how to switch from stereo to mono. The playback mode selected is indicated in the display. Checking the programme type of the station Switch "PTY" on by pressing the "PTY" button. Use <</>> to have the last selected programme type displayed and to choose a new one. You can select any one of the stored types with the preset buttons 1-6. The following list indicates some of the programme types which are currently available. POP ROCK WEATHER CHILDREN TRAVEL HOBBIES JAZZ OLDIES NEWS SPORT CULTURE Refer to "DSC programming ­ PTY Lang" to find information on switching the language used to display the programme types between German and English. After the beep the display will show the programme type offered by the station currently playing. If "NONE" appears in the display, the current station has no PTY code. Programme types Selecting a programme type a) Using the preset buttons When PTY is switched on, you can use the preset buttons 1-6 to select the programme types stored at the factory. · If you would like to listen to a station with this PTY, press ??/?? [. . . ] Press << />> on the rocker switch to change or recall the values. Note: Whether the settings listed in the following are available or not depends on the car audio system model and the features with which it is equipped. If you cannot select any of the functions listed here, then your car audio system is not equipped with that feature and it cannot be adjusted as a result (also see the section on "Equipment features list"). BEEP Acknowledgement tone for all functions which require a button to be pressed for more than one second. Refer to the section on "Clock". ESPAÑOL Switches off hour correction function. [. . . ]


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