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[. . . ] 66 Adjusting the volume for traffic announcements and the warning beep . . 66 KeyCard theft protection system 55 Putting the unit into operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 "Training" a second KeyCard/ Replacing a KeyCard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Correcting the clock after the power has been disconnected . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [. . . ] The mode selected is indicated briefly in the display. PTY - Program Type PTY is an RDS service which an increasing number of broadcasting stations have begun to offer. This feature allows you to select FM stations according to their program type. After you have chosen the PTY of your preference, the corresponding stations can be selected either by seek tuning or using the scan function. When the function is active, the program type selected last will briefly appear in the display, e. g. As long as PTY is active, "PTY" will appear permanently in the display. with the preset buttons 1-6. You can use DSC to select German, English or French as the language used in the display (refer to the section on "DSC programming ­ PTY LANG"). The following list indicates all of the program types which are currently available. The letters printed in bold are identical to the abbreviation which appears briefly in the display. NEWS CURRENT AFFAIRS INFORMATION SPORT EDUCATE DRAMA CULTURE SCIENCE VARIED POP MUSIC ROCK MUSIC EASY MUSIC LIGHT MUSIC CLASSICS OTHER MUSIC WEATHER FINANCE CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS SOCIAL AFFAIRS 63 Automatic bandwidth adjustment (SHARX) In the DSC menu, you can use the SHARX function to adjust the bandwidth in the FM frequency range. This can be a great advantage when there are a large number of stations within your current reception range. Interference with strong adjacent stations can be reduced to an absolute minimum if you activate SHARX ON (factory setting). After the entire waveband has been scanned, the PTY-SCAN function will be turned off automatically. PTY priority Situation: PTY is switched on and lights up in the display. No station offering the selected program type can be found currently in your reception range (with seek tuning or scan). The display shows "NO PTY" and automatically switches back to NDR3. The radio will switch to the linked station NDR2 for the duration of the "POP" program. 65 PORTUGUÊS After the PTY program has ended the system will switch back to the previous mode (radio or CD). ESPAÑOL During CD operation, the set will also switch to the program offering the selected PTY within the broadcasting network. SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH Now the selected program type can be recalled by pressing this preset when PTY has been activated. ("PTY" appears in the display. ) As soon as it is possible to receive a program in the broadcasting network with the PTY selected, the radio will switch over to the corresponding station for the duration of the program. Note: As already mentioned, these functions are not supported by all of the RDS stations at the present time. DEUTSCH Radio operation with RDS (Radio Data System) Traffic information station reception with RDS-EON The abbreviation "EON" stands for Enhanced Other Networks, which means that information is exchanged within a radio network. Many FM radio stations provide their service area with traffic messages at regular intervals. Along with their programs, all traffic information stations transmit a special carrier signal, which is decoded by your car radio. If this signal is identified, "TP" will appear in the display (Traffic program). In addition to these, there are also stations which do not actually transmit traffic information themselves, but by using RDS-EON it is possible for them to forward the traffic messages broadcast by another traffic information station in the same radio network. If you want to have the priority for traffic announcements activated while listening to one of these stations (e. g. [. . . ] (Refer to "Deleting CD names with DSC-UPDATE". ) To quit the DSC programming mode and store the adjustment: · Press DSC. 79 PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA READ KC NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH DEUTSCH DSC programming DSC programming Overview of the DSC factory settings LOW EQ HIGH EQ TA VOL CD NAME SHARX HICUT LO / DX STEREO/MONO CLOCKSET CLK AUTO / MAN 12/24H MODE CLK ON/OFF ON VOL BEEP DIM DAY DIM NIGHT ANGLE SCANTIME PTY LANG AUX LEARN KC READ KC LED PEAK ON/OFF TOM ON/OFF UPDATE 0 dB/40 Hz 0 dB/630 Hz 35 SHARX ON HICUT 2 DIST 1 STEREO 0:00 CLK AUTO 24H MODE CLK OFF LAST VOL 3 9 9 0 10 sec. DEUTSCH OFF ON ON ON - Specifications Amplifier Output power: 4 x 25 W RMS power acc. power Tuner Wavebands: FM : MW : LW : FM sensitivity: 87. 5 - 108 MHz 531 - 1602 kHz 153 - 279 kHz 0. 7 µV at 26 dB signal-to-noise ratio FM frequency response: 20 - 16000 Hz Tape Frequency response: 30 - 19000 Hz Subject to modifications!80 AF - Alternative Frequency In RDS this function ensures that the radio always tunes into the frequency with the best reception for the station. [. . . ]


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