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[. . . ] F VOL · arrow button Increase the volume for the selected monitor. VOL · arrow button Decrease the volume for the selected monitor. [. . . ] 200 31139 Hildesheim Germany We should like to point out that the right to make a claim under the guarantee could be forfeited if the device is changed or modified in any way without the express authorization of the manufacturer. Long-term operation or storage outside the specific temperature range can lead to a shortening of the useful life of the LC display. Precautionary measures Please observe all the warning notices, precautionary measures and maintenance tips contained in these operating instructions so as to extend the life of your monitor. If you are the driver you must never use the monitor during the journey in order to avoid causing a road accident. handbrake, steering wheel, gearshift lever and airbag). Only operate the device with the recommended voltage supply of 12 V direct current. Do not attempt to open or dismantle the monitor, since you could suffer an electric shock as a result. If the monitor's housing is damaged or broken, take it to your local specialist dealer or send it in to our customer service centre. Avoid using the monitor in environments where it is subjected to dust, dirt or moisture. Do not install the monitor in places where it is subjected to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. 20 NOTES FOR THE USER Note We recommend that you allow a specialist workshop to carry out the installation. SUPPLIED PARTS The monitor is supplied with all the parts listed below. Please check that the range of parts supplied with your device is complete. If one of the listed parts is missing, please contact your dealer immediately. Safety notices Please observe the following safety notices during installation and whilst making the connections. - When doing so, please observe the safety notices provided by the vehicle manufacturer. - Before drilling the holes necessary for mounting the equipment and for laying cables, please make sure that concealed cables, the fuel tank and fuel lines cannot be damaged in the process! Remote control IVRC-06 with battery 5 m long 13-pin system cable (for signal controller IVSC-3302 or IVSC-5502) Connection adapter (13-pin RCA/ jack) Operating instructions 21 DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO FRANÇAIS Monitor (including mounting fixture and screws) ENGLISH DEUTSCH Supplied parts INSTALLING THE MONITOR Installing the monitor (mechanical) Select a suitable position for secure installation of the monitor: The device must not distract the driver or restrict the driver's view. The device must not be installed in such a way that could prevent the other vehicle components from functioning properly (e. g. [. . . ] EXIT: To close the OSD menu SPEAKER ON Switch the internal loudspeaker on/ off (same function as the MUTE button G on the remote control). The sound then continues to be outputted over the IR headphones IVHS-01 (accessory). IR headphones IVHS-01 (accessory) The IR transmitter window 6 must not be covered up when using the IR headphones IVHS-01 (accessory). 26 OPERATION Diameter: 8 mm Length: Voltage: 28 mm 12 V, 3 W ENGLISH DEUTSCH Changing the light bulb Detach the monitor from the ceiling plate (4 screws). Light bulb specifications compartment J to the right (see A below). [. . . ]


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