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[. . . ] 14 English 2 MONITOR OVERVIEW (IVMR-7002P Shown) 1 2 3 4 1 11 12 13 5 10 * 14 7 6 8 9 *Note: Buttons 6-9 are located on the right side of the display screen on Model IVMR-1042P. [. . . ] · Monitor (including mounting plate and screws) · Remote control IVRC-06 with battery · 5 m long, 13-pin extension cable · Connection adapter (13-pin RCA/jack) · Operating instructions 7 INSTALLING THE MONITOR Installing the monitor (mechanical) Select a suitable position for secure installation of the monitor: · The device must not distract the driver or restrict the driver's view. · The ability to enter and get out of the vehicle must not be impeded. · The device must not be installed in such a way that could prevent the other vehicle components from functioning properly (e. g. · Make sure that the device is installed in a safe and secure position and that it cannot become detached in the event of an emergency stop. · If you need to drill additional holes, make sure you do not drill through the sheet metal of the vehicle's roof. · Avoid using the monitor over a longer period of time while the engine is off in order to prevent the battery from becoming discharged. Screws for securing the ceiling-mounted monitor Screws for securing the mounting plate English 8 INSTALLING THE MONITOR Cables 11 12 Interior lighting connection (3 wires) Red wire = Constant +12V White wire = To the door switch (Negative Door Trigger) Black wire = Ground Warning notice: The operating voltage cable must be protected with at least a 1. 5 A fuse. Extension cable (13 pin) Adapter cable Monitor connection (13 pin) Use the extension cable 11 and the plug-in adapter cable 12 to connect to the 12 V supply voltage and an external video/DVD device: Red wire = +12V Ignition Black wire = Ground Red RCA plug = Audio In (R) White RCA plug = Audio In (L) Yellow RCA plug = Video In Blue phono plug = IR pass through for Blaupunkt DVD players (DVD-ME2, DVD-ME3 & DVDME R). Interior Lighting Connection System Cable 9 OPERATION Controlling the interior lighting (monitor) There are two switches for the lights: ON ON : 2 Opening the monitor English · Push the monitor release latch to flip down the LCD display. 3 3 and interior lighting 4 This button is used to switch the lights on/off. Interior lighting : If activated, the lights only come on when the vehicle's doors are opened. 2 4 10 OPERATION Adjusting the position of the monitor 7 6 8 9 Closing the monitor Pull the display screen towards you and up into its base, until it snaps securely into the locking/releasing mechanism. 15 16 17 18 Powering on the monitor Press the power-on button 9 on the main unit or the button 15 on the remote control to switch the monitor on/off. 19 20 21 11 OPERATION English OSD menu Operation · Press the MENU button 8 on the display or the MENU button 20 on the remote control to open the OSD menu. [. . . ] www. blaupunktusa. com Copyright 2004 by the Robert Bosch Corporation No portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the Robert Bosch Corporation Printed in Korea (5/04) [. . . ]


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