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[. . . ] Español English 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Overhead DVD System . 7 2 English OVERHEAD DVD SYSTEM 10 11 8 14 9 1 13 5 7 4 12 6 2 3 1 2 3 Switch for interior lighting Reset button (located on base) Monitor auto power ON/OFF (located on base) DVD: next chapter; VCD/CD/MP3: next track menu: move cursor upwards EJECT Eject disc DISC IN A disc is inserted DVD: previous chapter; VCD/CD/MP3: previous track menu: move cursor downward 8 PLAY/PAUSE Play the disc, pause (freeze frame) 9 Source Select A/V source (DVD, AV1, AV2) AV2 AV 2 input selected AV1 AV 1 input selected DVD Displays the video signal from the DVD player POWER Turns system power on / off STOP Stop playing disc 4 10 11 12 5 6 7 13 14 3 OVERHEAD DVD SYSTEM 5 6 2 1 4 3 1 2 3 Headphone jack 1 Volume control for headphone jack 1 10 inch TFT display 4 5 6 DVD player disc slot Volume control for headphone jack 2 Headphone jack 2 4 English INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL OVERVIEW 1 12 2 9 13 3 4 14 5 15 16 6 7 8 17 18 19 11 10 20 5 INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL OVERVIEW 1 2 3 4 5 POWER Turn system power on / off 0 - 9 Numeric key buttons PLAY/PAUSE STOP DVD: Next / previous chapter VCD/CD/MP3: Next / previous track MENU mode: Cursor up/down Select the SUBTITLE language (depending on the DVD disc) AUDIO Select the audio soundtrack (depending on the DVD disc) SETUP Display the SETUP menu of the DVD player SOURCE Selects AV source (DVD, AV1 or AV2) MENU Displays the DVD root menu MUTE Mutes the audio EJECT Ejects the disc 13 14 REPEAT Selects repeat mode 15 16 17 Fast forward / fast reverse OK Confirms selection DISP Display time information (during playback) SETUP Display the SETUP menu of MONITOR Settings (e. g. brightness, contrast, etc. ) TITLE Display the DVD title menu (depending on the DVD disc) ZOOM Set Zoom mode ANGLE Select the viewing angle (depending on the DVD disc) 6 18 7 19 8 20 9 10 11 12 6 English SLOW Slow motion play (only for DVD) NOTES FOR THE USER Thank you for choosing a Blaupunkt product. Please read these operating instructions before using the equipment for the first time. [. . . ] OFF - >1. 5X - >2X - >3X - >OFF Selecting audio language DVD: - Press the AUDIO button once or more than once during playback to select the desired audio soundtrack language. Notes: The number of audio languages is dependent on the inserted DVD. If the inserted DVD only contains one audio language, the appears in the left top corner of the screen when pressing the AUDIO button. VCD/CD: - Press the AUDIO button once or more than once during playback to select between the following modes: - Stereo (L & R), - L only, - R only Selecting the viewing angle (DVD only) When the ANGLE MARK (camera angle) function is activated, the symbol is displayed on the screen when a scene with alternative camera angles is played from a DVD. - Press the ANGLE button once or several times while the symbol is displayed to select the various camera angles. Notes: This function only works with discs having scenes recorded at different angles. To activate ANGLE MARK see General settings. MP3 disc playback This player supports the following CD formats for MP3 playback: - Joliet - Romeo - ISO9660 Selecting subtitle language (DVD only) - Press the SUB-T button once or several times during playback to select the required language for subtitles. 19 ADVANCED OPERATION Make sure that the MP3 files have a file format designation of . mp3. Two different modes of MP3 playback are available: - WITH MENU - NO MENU The playback mode can be set in the SETUP menu under "PREFERENCES" WITH MENU In this mode the display shows all the MP3 folders of the disc on the left and the file names of the folder currently opened on the right. In STOP mode: - Use the and buttons to select between the left and right column. The screen shows: 00 : 02 : 58 SMART NAVI RO OT ROOT ACID -- J AZZ ACID J AZZ CHILL OUT CHILL OUT INDEPENDANT INDEPENDANT L AT IN LATIN POP POP Note: The folder cannot be selected in this mode. - Press the REPEAT button once or more than once to select one of the following repeat modes: WITH MENU - REP-ONE: Repeat the current MP3 file. - FOLDER REPEAT: Repeats all MP3 files in the current directory in sequence. NEXT/PREVIOUS files During playback: . . 2PAC - Cali ANA STACIA BABYL ON ZOO BRA NDY MONI CULTUR E BEA 0 1 2 3 4 5 Notes: The FOLDER can only be selected in STOP mode. During playback, the screen will display the MP3-ID3 tags instead of the REPEAT mode. WITHOUT MENU When the SMART NAV function is set to "NO MENU", only the track (file) number and the elapsed time for the current file are displayed on the screen. All the tracks (files) of the MP3 CD inserted are played sequentially. - Press the MP3 file. button to select the next - Press the button to select the previous MP3 file. Each time the button is pressed, the speed of fast forward/reverse changes as follows: Normal playback >2x - >4x - >6x - >8x 20 English Repeat file/directory - REPEAT ADVANCED OPERATION JPEG image CDs The DVD player supports the display of JPEG images. JPEG image CD playback - Insert a disc with JPEG images in the player. - The navigation menu appears on the display as follows: SMART NAVI ROOT - In order to start the slide show with a particular image from the folder currently selected, enter the number which appears after the image in the navigation menu using the numeric key buttons and press the ENTER button. Notes: JPEG images can be recognized by the camera symbol to the left of the file name. Volume, color, contrast and brightness cannot be adjusted during image CD playback. Next/previous image 0 1 2 3 4 5 . . DSC_04050001 DSC_04050002 DSC_04050003 DSC_04050004 DSC_04050005 REPEAT : OFF During playback: - Press - Press file. [. . . ] Depending on the DVD player setting, this classification enables entire DVDs to be blocked for viewing by children and teenagers. Currently, the following levels are officially recognized by the MPAA: · G (General audience): suitable for all members of the general public including children · PG (Parental Guidance): allowed for general viewing but with parental supervision 27 GLOSSARY · PG-13 (Parental Guidance 13): allowed for viewing by children over 13 with parental supervision · R (Restricted): parental supervision or the accompaniment by an adult is mandatory · NC-17: contents unsuitable for children under 17 Other classifications (non MPAA): · ADULT: only suitable for adults · NR (Not Rated): no classification PBC (Playback Control) Some VCD 2. 0 Video CDs are encoded with playback control, allowing you to navigate through the disc contents with a menu. SVCD (Super Video CD) This is an East Asian standard for video data on a standard 12 cm CD. VCD (Video Compact Disc) A world wide standard for digital video on a standard 12 cm CD. [. . . ]


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