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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] In Car Entertainment DVD-Monitor IVOD-1022 7 607 003 507 Bedienungs- und Einbauanleitung Operating and installation instructions Notice d'emploi et de montage Istruzioni d'uso e di installazione Gebruiksaanwijzing en inbouwhandleiding Bruks- och monteringsanvisning Instrucciones de manejo e instalación Instruções de serviço e de montagem Betjenings- og monteringsvejledning www. blaupunkt. com 30 CONTROLS 1POWER, toswitchthedeviceon/off. 3DVD/TV/EXT, toswitchbetweenDVD/ CD/MP3operationandexternalsourcesAUX1andAUX2. @Numberbuttons0-9and PREV. /GOTObutton, todirectlyselect chaptersorsectionswithinchapters. ABACKWARD, toswitchonfastrewind. IA-Bbuttontodeterminethestartand endtimeoftherepeatfunction. To switchtherepeatfunctionon/off. [. . . ] Selectingachapter Todirectlyselectachapter, pressthePREV. /GOTObutton@onthe remotecontrol. The number of the current title and the totalnumberoftitlesaredisplayednextto "TITLE"onthescreen. Nexttothis, youwill seethenumberofthechapterandthetotal numberofavailablechapters. Thechapter numberishighlightedyellow. Usethenumberbuttons@ontheremote control of enter the number of the chapter you require and press the ENTER/PLAYbuttonC. Selectingtheplayingtime Youcandirectlyselectaspecificposition ontheDVDbyenteringtheplayingtimeof thisposition. Tojumptoaspecificposition, pressthePREV. /GOTObutton@onthe remotecontroltwice. The number of the current title and the totalnumberoftitlesaredisplayednextto "TITLE"onthescreen. Next to this, you will see "TIME" and the inputfieldfortheplayingtime. Theinput fieldishighlightedyellow. Usethenumberbuttons@ontheremotecontroltoentertherequiredposition intheformat"hh. mm. ss"andpressthe ENTER/PLAYbuttonC. Playback is continued at the desired position. RepeatedplaybackofaDVDtitle A DVD is divided into different chapters and titles, which can be selected on an individualbasis. Repeatedplaybackofachapterortitle Torepeatthecurrentchapter, presstheREPbutton2ontheremote control. Torepeatthecurrenttitle, presstheREPbutton2ontheremote controlforasecondtime. Cancellingrepeat Ifyouwanttocanceltherepeatfunction, presstheREPbutton2ontheremote controlrepeatedlyuntil"REPEATOFF"is displayedonthescreen. Directselectionofachapter Theremotecontrolcanalsobeusedtodirectlyselectachapteroraspecificposition (playingtime). Resumingplaybackatthestartof thefirsttitleofaDVD PresstheSTOP/RETURNbutton?on theremotecontroltwice. Playbackresumesatthestartofthetitle. 44 DVDOPERATION Note: FormostDVDs, thisisthemainmenu(root) oftheDVD. Changingthecameraperspective ThereareDVDsthatoffertwoormoredifferentcameraperspectivesforascene. Thenumberofthecurrentcameraperspective and the number of possible camera perspectivesisshowninthedisplayinformationnexttothecamerasymbol. Tochangethecameraperspective, presstheANGLEbutton7ontheremotecontrol. Note: You can specify in the setup menu that a camera symbol is shown if additional cameraperspectivesareavailable. Forfurther details, read the section "Displaying the camera perspective" in the "Setup" chapter. Displayingsubtitles Todisplaysubtitles, press the SUBTITLE button 9 on the remotecontrol. The current languageandthenumberoflanguagesavailable for subtitles are displayed next to "SUBTITLE". Tochangethelanguageofthesubtitles, presstheSUBTITLEbutton9onceor repeatedlyuntilthesubtitlesaredisplayedinthedesiredlanguage. Note: Youcanalsodetermineinthemenuofthe DVD whether and in which language subtitlesaredisplayed(seeDVDmenu). Inaddition, youcansetyourpreferredlanguage forsubtitlesinthesetupmenu. Forfurther details, read the section "Presetting the subtitlelanguage"inthe"Setup"chapter. Selectingtheplaybacklanguage Toselecttheplaybacklanguage, presstheAUDIObutton8ontheremotecontrolonceorseveraltimes. The displayinformationisshown. Thecurrent language, thenumberofthelanguageand thenumberofavailableplaybacklanguages areshown. Note: Youcanalsoselecttheplaybacklanguagein themenuoftheDVD(seeDVDmenu). Inaddition, youcansetyourpreferredlanguage forplaybackinthesetupmenu. Forfurther details, read the section "Presetting the playbacklanguage"inthe"Setup"chapter. Enlarginganimagearea(Zoom) Youcanenlargeanyareaofthefilmwhich isbeingplayedbyuptothreetimes. [. . . ] These ratings follow the recommendations of the Motion Picture AssociationofAmerica(MPAA). Thefollowingoptionscanbeselected: 1G: 2: 3PG: 4PG13: Approvedforchildren Approvedforchildren Accompanying adult during playbackissuggested. Accompanying adult is suggested, not suitable for childrenundertheageof13. Prohibited for children and adolescents, contentportrays violence, obscene language, etc. [. . . ]


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