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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT IVTV-01 TV TUNER

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 25 14 SAFETY NOTICES Thank you for choosing a Blaupunkt product. Please read these operating instructions before using the equipment for the first time. The Blaupunkt editors are constantly working on making the operating instructions clearer and easier to understand. [. . . ] - Connect all of the tuner's audio, video and power supply connections (see connection diagram in the following picture) that you need for your system installation. When positioning the infrared sensor, make sure there are no objects positioned between the sensor and the place where you usually keep your remote control, since they could interfere with the transmission of the infrared signal. Note: The following diagram shows all of the tuner's connection options. Your car system's connections do not necessarily have to be exactly the same as this. 16 NOTES ON INSTALLATION AND OPERATION DEUTSCH Video output Audio output (R) Audio output (L) To the SAFETY CIRCUIT (refer to the notes on correct and safe system operation, page 24) VIDEO R AV OUT L SAFETY EXTERNAL ANT. IN ANT. 1 ANT. 2 ANT. 3 ANT. 4 Tuner connection AV2 AV1 L R VIDEO EXT. IR L R VIDEO 4 cables: 1. + 12V A/V SOURCE 1 (VIDEO GAMES CONSOLE, VCR or DVD PLAYER) LEFT DIVERSITY ANTENNA RIGHT DIVERSITY ANTENNA IR sensor for the remote control option 17 DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL A/V SOURCE 2 (VIDEO GAMES CONSOLE, VCR or DVD PLAYER) SVENSKA NEDERLANDS 43 21 ITALIANO FRANÇAIS ENGLISH NOTES ON INSTALLATION AND OPERATION Remote control MUTE Pressing this button switches off the sound of the monitor system. MENU MUTE MON ON/OFF MON ON/OFF For switching on the monitor. -/+ Volume control for the monitor loudspeaker. TV ON/OFF For switching on the television. Group of TV related buttons. TV ON/OFF ADJUST CHAN TV/AV PROG Channel selection buttons If you press one of these buttons, the tuner changes TV channels. RC-MOTV Auto Program Pressing this button causes the tuner to scan and store all the available stations. AV/TV You can use this switch to select the available video and audio inputs and/or TV channels. 18 FUNCTIONS The supplied remote control is suitable for operating the TV tuner IVTV-01 as well as the ceiling mounted monitor IVMR-7001. The area on the remote control that is surrounded by a border contains controls that apply to the TV tuner. DEUTSCH DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL SVENSKA NEDERLANDS ITALIANO Cable TV (CATV) Cable TV channels 1 ~ 57 Functions Selecting TV/CATV/AV1/AV2 mode You can use the TV/AV button to switch between the channel/input options TV, CATV, AV1 and AV2. To switch on the TV tuner, press the TV ON/OFF button. Switching off the TV tuner To switch off the TV tuner, press the TV ON/OFF button again. System PAL/BG TV Cable TV channels 2 ~ 69 Input source AV1 AV2 Description External audio/video input 1 External audio/video input 2 19 FRANÇAIS Switching on the TV tuner ENGLISH FUNCTIONS Programming the TV/CATV channel You can use the PROG button to store the channels that you want for CATV or for the VHF/UHF range. If you press the PROG button, the tuner starts searching for channels and stores all the received channels. The "AUTO" status is indicated in the bottom left of the monitor whilst automatic programming is being carried out. Note: If you want to cancel automatic programming, press the CHANNEL button. Generally, however, you should NOT interrupt automatic programming or else not all of the channels can be stored. Channel selection You can select the channel you require using the two and CHANNEL buttons. If the channels were stored using the automatic programming feature, you can switch between the programmed channels using these buttons. If you keep one of the buttons pressed down, you can move through the programmed channels one by one. Detecting the input signal The tuner system automatically detects whether a signal is being received and/ or whether a signal can be received in every signal input mode or not. If it does not detect a signal, the "No Signal" status is indicated. [. . . ] The schematic diagrams below provide information on how to install the system. If you require additional assistance, please contact your dealer. TV/AV selection Vehicle is moving TV IN AV IN Monitor off Monitor off Function of the safety circuit Vehicle is stationary Monitor on Monitor on Handbrake Parking lamp Safety cable Tuner Safety Handbrake (+) Safety cable Battery (-) Tuner Safety 24 ACCESSORIES AND SPECIFICATIONS DEUTSCH Accessories IR cable AV cable Electrical cable Safety cable Remote control with battery Operating instructions 1 Specifications AV input AV output TV channels Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight Supported system Visible-type fuse Operating temperature Storing temperature Operating voltage Current consumption approx. Quiescent current consumption Video input/output impedance Audio input/output impedance Video in/out amplification Audio in/out amplification 2 x AV RCA 1 x AV RCA see page 19 182 x 27. 4 x 134 mm 640 g PAL/BG 3 amps 0° C to +60° C -20° C to +70° C 10 V to 16 V 1 A (TV mode), 0. 76 A AV mode < 1 mA 75 ohms 620 ohms 0 dB / 75 ohms 0 dB / without load ITALIANO Subject to changes! [. . . ]


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