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Manual abstract: user guide BLAUPUNKT IVTV-05

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] In Car Entertainment DVB-T Tuner IVTV-05 7 607 003 543 Operating and installationinstructions www. blaupunkt. com Overview 20 19 18 EPG Text Subtitle Power On/off 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 5 9 2 6 0 3 7 AV 4 8 TV/Radio 17 15 16 14 13 Pause + PRF + VOL + CH SWAP -- Exit -- -- Menu OK Timer Audio 8 9 Info List Mute 12 11 10 36 Overview 1 Power On/OffbuttonforswitchingtheIVTV-05on andoff. 9 Audiobuttontoselecttheplaybacklanguageformovieswithseveralvoicetracks, settingtheaudiomode (standard/stereo/mono/monorightandmono left). < Infobutton;pressitoncetodisplaythebroadcast titleandasecondtimetodisplaydetailedinformation aboutthecurrentbroadcast. B EPGbuttontodisplaythedailyprogramofthecurrentstation(ElectronicProgramGuide). [. . . ] PresstheMorN buttonrepeatedlyuntiltheselectionmarkislocatedattheposition towhichyouwanttomovethestation. E Thestationismovedtothenewpositioninthefavouriteslist. 52 Favourites Finishing the edit of the favourites list Ifyoufinishededitingthefavouriteslist 1. Press this button again to exit themenu. Deleting a Favourites List Todeleteafavouriteslist 1. The selection mark is positioned on the Favoritenlisten (Favourites list)entry. E The Favourites list menu is displayed, the Favoritenliste (Favourites list) entry is selected. PresstheNbuttonrepeatedlyuntilFavoritenliste löschen (Delete favourites list)is selected. PresstheMorN buttonrepeatedlyuntiltheselectionmarkislocatedonthefavourites listtobedeleted. E Aconfirmationdialogueappears. OK EXIT MENU Menü Favoritenlisten Neue Kanäle Abonnementeinstellungen Benutzereinstellungen Konfiguration Systeminformation OK EXIT MENU Favoritenlisten Favoritenliste anlegen Favoritenliste ändern Favoritenliste löschen 53 Favourites 7. PresstheMenubuttontodisplaythemenuagain. Pressthisbuttonagaintoexitthe menu. 54 Functions during the TV Mode Displaying Information about the Current Broadcast Youcandisplayadditionalinformationaboutthecurrentbroadcast(ifthestation providesthem). Thedisplaytimeoftheinformationcanbeset;forfurtherdetails, pleasereadthesection"InfoDisplay"inthechapter"Configuration". 1. E Thelist(TVorfavouriteslist), memorylocation, stationname, nameofbroadcastand progressbarofthecurrentbroadcastaredisplayed. PresstheInfobuttonagaintodisplayadditionalinformationaboutthecurrentbroadcast. PressingthePbuttondisplaysthefollowingbroadcast. If you want to end the displayearlier, presstheExitbutton. TV 13 Aktuell - thema der woche NDR FS NDS Aktuell - thema der woche Keine Informationen zu dieser Sendung vorhanden Electronic Program Guide Somestationsmaketheirprogramavailableinalistthatistransmittedtogether withthecurrentprogram. Thiselectronicprogramguide(EPG)canbedisplayed on the connected monitor. This allows you to be informed at all times about thedailyprogramoftheselectedstation. Somestationsprovidetheelectronic programguideforseveraldays(uptoaweek). 1. MovetheselectionmarkwiththebuttonsMorNtoscrollthroughthelistandto selectadifferentbroadcast. E The info window to the right of the daily program displays information about the selectedbroadcast. PresstheExitbuttontoexittheEPG. 9 : 00 10 : 30 OK NDR FS NDS 08 : 27 19 / 10 / 2005 13:00 13:15 14:00 14:15 14:45 16:00 17:00 Aktuell - thema der W Hallo Niedersachsen Nordmagazin Schlewig-Holstein Hamburg Journal Nordbilder Die Reportage Mittwoch 19. Oktober 2005 Aktuell - thema der woche OK EXIT 55 Functions during the TV Mode Displaying Video Text Youcandisplaythevideotextofthecurrentstation(ifthestationsupportsthis function)ontheconnectedmonitor. 1. Pressthebuttonagaintoendthevideotextdisplay. NDR TEXT Grippe-Impfstoff wird knapp Nur noch wenige Apotheken haben den Grippe-Impfstoff vorrätig. Die Angst vor der Vogelgrippe ist vermutlich schuld daran, dass das Medikament schon zu Beginn der Grippesaison knapp wird. In Hildesheimer Apotheken gibt es nur noch Restbestände der vorbeugenden Tröpfchen gegen Fieber, Kopf- und Gliederschmerzen. Vermutlich aus Angst vor der Vogelgrippe haben sich bereits tausende Menschen impfen lassen. Dabei würde die Grippeschutzimpfung vor einem , , Super-Virus" nicht schützen. Displaying Subtitles Somestationsoffersubtitlesforthehearingimpairedfortheirbroadcasts. 1. [. . . ] You should perform these settingsaccordingtotheconnectedmonitor;otherwise, itcouldresultindisplay errors. 1. MovetheselectionmarkwiththeMorNbuttontotheKonfiguration (Configuration) menuitemandpresstheOKbutton. MovetheselectionmarkwiththeNbuttontotheTV-Einstellung (TV setting)menu itemandpresstheOKbutton. E TheTVsettingmenuisdisplayed, theTV Format (TV format)menuitemisselected. [. . . ]


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